The Mythology of Grimm

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The Mythology of Grimm

The Fairy Tale and Folklore Roots of the Popular TV Show

The Mythology of Grimm by Nathan Robert Brown analyzes one of my favorite shows, Grimm, and the fairy tales and folklore incorporated into the show.

As this book is not endorsed by the show, the only connection to Grimm, the TV show, is through observations in watching the episodes. There are no interviews or tidbits from the cast or crew with explanations of why certain elements were used in the show. So the heart of this book is the research on the original Grimm stories themselves. Plus, there are sections called Grimm Words and Tasty Morsels where readers can get little nuggets of historical information.

Portions of the chapters include the author retelling the Grimm version fairytales in a semi-condensed form. This gave him the opportunity to interject his own voice. Here is an example from his version of Little Red Riding Hood (also known as Red Cap)

“Good day, Red-Cap” said the wolf.

“Holy Crap, a talking wolf! And it knows my name!” replied Red-Cap

(Okay, not really…I made that part up)

I’m not sure what audience he is targeting for this book. There is a disclaimer to warn kids that this book has adult themes and may not be appropriate for them but the overall tone is ideal for adolescence.

The Mythology of Grimm will certainly appeal to fans of the show who are impatiently waiting for the new season. I liked that each section started with a portion of dialogue from the episode in discussion and that the book itself is well edited. There is no doubt that the author did a lot of research on Grimm and I finished this book knowing a lot of historical facts to share with my Grimm friends.

Book Blurb for The Mythology of Grimm


NBC’s hit television series Grimm pits modern detective Nick Burkhardt of the Portland Police against a cast of terrifying villains?lifted directly from the pages of classic fairytales. In the world of the show, the classic stories are actually a document of real events, and Nick himself is descended from a long line of guardians, or Grimms, charged with defending humanity from the mythological creatures of the world.

From The Big Bad Wolf to Sleeping Beauty, The Mythology of Grimm explores the history and folkloric traditions that come into play during Nick’s incredible battles and investigations?tapping into elements of mythology that have captured our imaginations for centuries.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 3.50