Siren's Storm

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Siren's Storm

The Sea King's Daughters Book 6

Siren's Storm by Asa Maria Bradley is the 6th book in the Sea King's Daughters series. I jumped in late into this series because I’m a fan of the author’s excellent Viking Warriors’ series and wanted to read her new story without having the patience to read the first 5 stories in the series by other authors. It’s a short story but it has real depth. For a mermaid story, I was thrilled to get lots of tidbits about fish that gave the worldbuilding lots of layers for a novella. I thought it was adorable that this mermaid is a vegetarian. But my favorite part was her scenes with a local dog because she can communicate with animals. It was all these small details that really built a great short story.

I started at the 6th book and there is enough backstory to know the main premise. But I do regret

that I didn’t start this series from the beginning because it looks like this group of authors have created a really rich world about Mermaids who are going against their evil father. With the recent blockbuster movie Aquaman, I hope this series can latch on to that success for those who want more Mermaid stories.

Book Blurb for Siren's Storm

A wolf shifter bent on exposing her secrets, an ex-lover who betrayed her, and a sister asking for an impossible favor, are just some of the things threatening mermaid Theia Ayer’s new covert life.

The Sea King sent her and her sisters to earth to prepare for the return of the merfolk. They must do so without other paranormal creatures finding out who they really are, or they will once again be hunted for their ability to create portals between the realms. Theia is doing a pretty good job of staying under the radar, until a wolf shifter comes sniffing around at her human workplace. He won’t rest until he ferrets out who and what she really is.

As if that wasn't enough, an old lover arrives wanting to rekindle his and Theia's relationship. Her heart wants to believe he's sincere but her mind remembers how he once betrayed her. And his timing couldn't be worse, because she can’t deal with him or the wolf shifter while also helping one of her sisters hide a powerful magical weapon.

As strange accidents occur at suspiciously frequent intervals, Theia doesn't know whom she can trust. Especially not when there may be several assailants hunting for the weapon and at least one of them is willing to kill her to get to it. Now, Theia is in the fight of her life as she races to stop the powerful weapon from ending up in the hands of the wrong people. Her failure could mean the end of not just her people, but the start of a massive war that would threaten all creatures that make earth their home.

This is another stand-alone novella in the exciting the Sea King’s Daughters urban fantasy series, in which six amazing authors write in a shared universe where monsters and dangers threaten the sisters.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2019 4.50