Sex, Death and Moist Towelettes

Sex, Death and Moist Towelettes by Jordan Dane is a collection of stories ranging from contemporary to paranormal about interesting characters dying on the pages. If you have ever read any of Jordan Dane other books, these stories contain her signature style; fascinating characters, suspenseful scenes and dark humor.

All the individual stories were great but when you finish them, you always want to know more. Atlas that’s the inherit problem with short stories but Jordan makes each one pack a big punch:

On Her Special Day: Jordan starts off with a heart tugging story of a father’s love for his daughter. Within the two chapters, you are emotionally invested in his character and secretly hope the story is continued later in the pages.

Dark Kiss: When will people learn not to mess with Ouija boards? A troubled runaway is smart enough to survive on the streets but too dumb to avoid playing with dangerous games. The main character is equal parts annoying and sympathetic, which makes Razor’s fate with Morgana, Faythe, and Lilith disconcerting and aching for revenge.

Her Raven: For the sentimental and spiritual, this short story has mass appeal.

Lifeless in Seattle: Attention pizza delivery man, avoid delivering pepperoni pizza to any place called the “Crypt”, it might first appear as if you won the porn cliché jackpot but just consider yourself warned! For all others, this snapshot into a “life” leaves you wanting to know more about her past, her current relationship with her “sister” and how the future will mend her broken heart.

For the Love of Moist Towelettes: By the time you get to the last story, you think you’re playing a where-is-waldo game to find out where moist towelettes fits into the book. This story answers that question and its well worth the wait. This guy is so creepy I expect to see him next season on Dexter!

Since Jordan Dane is such a great writer, you want her to expand any one of these short stories and bring more life to the characters but as is, this book contains sneak peeks into the final moments of some memorable lives.

Book Blurb for Sex, Death and Moist Towelettes

SEX, DEATH & MOIST TOWELETTES is a short story anthology from national bestselling & critically acclaimed thriller author, Jordan Dane. This E-BOOK ONLY offering contains crime fiction noir to paranormal short stories with dark humor.

* On Her Special Day - The poignant story of a father's love for his daughter on her wedding day.

* Dark Kiss - A dark trio of beautiful women are conjured by a troubled runaway boy and his Ouija board - #carefulwhatyouwishfor. (Adult Content)

* Her Raven - A mysterious Raven becomes a harbinger of love with an unforgettable message.

* Lifeless in Seattle - A unique bed & breakfast called "The Crypt" caters to one woman's special needs. (Adult Content)

* For the Love of Moist Towelettes - A fastidious young man will do anything for his 15-minutes of fame.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00