Rolling in the Deep

Hawaiian Heroes Book 2

Rolling in the Deep is the second book in Cathryn Cade’s exciting new series about sexy Hawaiian Heroes finding true love while working for a hot tempered goddess.

There are many things I am enjoying about this series, from the vacation destination setting to the heat between the main characters but what makes this story most appealing is the fact that the author took a real issue, the increase of drugs on the islands and applied a paranormal solution.

Since I loved the couple from the first book, Walking in Fire, I was thrilled to discovered that the second book picked off right where it ended and made their wedding a major storyline. Daniel is David’s broody brother and Claire is in Melia’s wedding party. These two are both feisty and know what they want and since it’s each other, they get exactly what they asked for. Daniel wants a woman who can handle his desires in the bedroom and Claire might be the only woman who can handle his needs but more importantly, his heart. But in the end, who can blame her? It’s hard not to fall in love with a hunky Hawaiian man who can talk to dolphins.

Cathryn Cade has an amazing series in her hands. I adore her heroes, love Hawaii and I can’t wait to see what happens in book 3.

Book Blurb for Rolling in the Deep

**This book is back with updated content**

Desire as dark as the deep Hawaiian seas… danger poised to strike.

On Hawaii, for her best friend's wedding, a young tourist falls hard for the groom's brother. But the big, tough, tattooed Hawaiian has secrets too dark to share…until passion explodes between them. Caught in desire's net, can he keep her safe and rid his island of evil drug runners…or will he have to choose?

Daniel Ho'omalu is one scary dude, a big Hawaiian with tribal tattoos and a mane of black braids. He likes his lovin' just as rough. Add his dangerous role as one of Pele's island guardians, and he’s sure he'll never find a woman, not for keeps.

Claire Hunter takes one look and knows she’s found the man of her sensual dreams. She sinks her teeth into the challenge of landing the big Hawaiian in her bed. But he won’t bite back.

Daniel is sure the gorgeous blonde is too young and innocent to handle his dark sexual appetites. But Pele's island casts its tropical spell. In one explosive night, he discovers she's a match for him in every way that counts.

When Daniel must use his powers to destroy a gang of ocean drug smugglers, Claire should be safe on land. But when she dives straight into his undersea battle, he must make a terrible choice--keep his vow of honor to protect his island first, or save the woman who's stolen his heart.

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Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00