Once Upon a Valentine

Blaze #663

In All Tangled Up by Stephanie Bond the hero’s journey struck a chord with me. Andrew MacMillan is a man who had grown distant from his father but returns home to bury him and settle his estate. In the process and with the help of the heroine, Summer, he learns the truth about his father and what’s important in life.

The story is built around starting up a hair (hare) shampoo company so when Summer got her hair stuck in Andrew’s watch, it was cute and a nice connection to the story’s theme. By the third time she got her hair stuck, this time in his shirt button, you will have to be the judge to decide between the author trying to be humorous and screaming at Summer to put her hair in a ponytail for public safety.

Sleeping with a Beauty by Leslie Kelley reinvents the fairytale with modern day charm and paranormal flare. Once Sleeping Beauty is awaken and lives happily ever after with her Prince Charming, what ever happened to the magnificent castle? With such historical significance and the promise of the castle’s furnishings and accessories, archeologists and fortune hunters have spent their lives searching for this treasure. Ashlynn Scott is determined to be the one to make this discovery and she’s not thrilled that a friend has hired a bodyguard, Raine Fowler, to keep her alive as they race to reach the castle first.

I fully admit that I selected this book because Leslie Kelley is on my must read list. Her signature style of providing humorous scenes, heat between her characters and story twists were all present in this story. I was thrilled at her fresh take on this fairytale and delighted how she incorporated Sleeping Beauty’s bed when it found a new victim. The teaser at the end reveals that she will be able to continue this wonderful story.

Catch Me by Michelle Rowen has the hottest heat level of all three tales, which is appropriate for a Valentine’ Day themed tale. Michelle starts the story by hitting an emotional nerve; Ginger Redman has been stood up, on a blind date, on Valentine ’s Day. Readers are instantly rooting for her to have the happily ever after for all the women who had gone through that same experience. After eating a magical cookie, Ginger has the attention of every man in her presence, including Stephen Fox, the man she has long had a crush on and her boss. Ginger has to discover if Stephen’s feelings are real or just the magic from the cookie. This is the romantic version of the Gingerbread Man and a very enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Once Upon a Valentine

Three Stories: All Tangled Up | Sleeping with a Beauty | Catch Me

She had long, gorgeous hair

Summer Tomlinson always had a thing for Andrew Macmillan. Now that they're business partners-as well as bed partners!-Summer wonders if letting her hair down will catch him for good..

He sought a sleeping beauty

Historian Ashlynn Scott is seeking the fabled castle of Sleeping Beauty. But with just one kiss, she finds herself tangled up-and tangled in the sheets!-with a rogue adventurer. She might never want to wake up!

She was being chased by every man

Ginger Redman wanted to be irresistible, so she made a wish on a magic cookie. And the baked treat delivers-sending her sexy best friend, Stephen Fox, right into her bed!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50