Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing

A Film By Joss Whedon

This screenplay, Much Ado About Nothing: A Film By Joss Whedon, serves as a great companion piece to the movie and highlights how Joss and his team were able to create a contemporary version of the Shakespeare play.

It was great to see the behind-the-scenes photos from filming and headshots that served as a casting portfolio. I understand why the book kept the color consistency with the B&W film but I would have loved to have seen some color images of this all-star mash-up of Whedon universe actors. Also keeping with Whedon companion pieces, this book includes an introduction from Joss and an in-depth Q&A.

Even though Joss is a skilled screenwriter and did an amazing job in editing down Shakespeare’s words for the most impact, his brilliancy is also in being the movie’s Casting Director. Nathan Fillion and Tom Lenk’s performance as Dogberry and Verges as bumbling law agents was my favorite role renditions and the funniest scene in the movie was when they couldn’t find the keys to get into their car. I watched the movie with the screenplay on my lap and I couldn’t help but to notice that the scene wasn’t in the book. In the movie’s commentary, they mentioned Nathan and Tom’s improvised car scene. So even if Joss didn’t write it in the screenplay, he hired the right actors to bring his version of Shakespeare to life!

Book Blurb for Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon's new adaptation of Shakespeare's classic comedy has already been acclaimed as "a masterpiece".

This official book features an Introduction by Joss, his full screenplay, and a gallery of photos from the set. Also included is an extended interview with the director, discussing his approach to the play, and the production of the film, shot in just 12 days at Whedon's own house.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00