Kiss Me, I'm Irish

The three stories in Kiss Me I’m Irish get progressively more Irish as you continue to read. In the 1st story, the main setting is at an old Irish pub converted into an Internet Café. The 2nd story’s hero is all Irish - stubborn and sexy. While the 3rd book resolves around an Irish Catholic family of four brothers. All stories are enjoyable but they are re-released versions of previously published stories with Harlequin.

The Sins of His Past by Roxanne St. Claire is the renewed love between Deuce and Kendra. After a snag in his baseball career, Deuce returns home to work at his father’s pub and indulge in the life of being the hometown hero. The girl that adored him the most, Kendra, has no intention of resuming that role again. Now that she’s co-owner of the pub, she won’t let Deuce’s return ruin her plans as he did when they were teens.

This is a nice story about moving on from past regrets to building future plans as a couple.

Tangling with Ty by Jill Shalvis is the love story between Nicole and Ty. As Nicole avoids life by burying herself in her work, Ty avoids his past by never looking back. When an accident stops both of them in their tracks, they take the time to look around and what they find is each other.

This is a sizzling story about an exhausted doctor getting some TLC from a very sexy Irish man.

Whatever Reilly Wants by Maureen Child is the love story between Conner and Emma. When Conner accepts a brotherly bet to obtain from sex the longest to win a family inheritance, Emma takes objection to Conner considering her presence safe from sexual temptation and sets off to prove him wrong.

This is a sultry story about being careful what you wish for, as Emma finds out when Conner falls for her seductive trap.

Book Blurb for Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Bestselling authors Roxanne St. Claire, Jill Shalvis and Maureen Child bring you three classic stories of sexy Irishmen and the women who love them…

The Sins of His Past by Roxanne St. Claire

For one incredible night, Kendra Locke gave Deuce Monroe everything she had. Then he walked away without a backward glance to chase his big-league dreams. Now after one too many daredevil stunts, he’s back in his hometown ready to pick up where they left off—but Kendra has no intention of giving in so easily…

Tangling with Ty by Jill Shalvis

Dr. Nicole Mann, a child prodigy who graduated high school at the age of thirteen, has no room in her mind or her schedule for romance. But when the architect renovating her apartment turns out to have a charming Irish accent, all bets are off—and Ty Patrick O’Grady plans to use every trick in his book to stay in her life for good.

Whatever Reilly Wants by Maureen Child

Connor Reilly only has a few weeks to go in his “no sex for ninety days” bet with his brothers—and he figures no woman is safer to be around than his best friend, Emma Jacobsen. Until Emma shows up at a bar in a short skirt and high heels, and suddenly seems anything but safe!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50