Getting Dumped Part 2

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Getting Dumped Part 2

A Schultz Sisters Mystery

I never thought I would be a champion for a book where the heroine cheerfully works at the city landfill but add a pink hardhat and three eligible bachelors to the mix and I was sold from the first page of Getting Dumped Part 1. I favorably reviewed Part 1 because of two main selling points that still exist in Part 2. First, readers are in control of JJ’s love life by being able to select the path of the story when it involves a romantic scene/moment with Collin, Peter or Daniel.* Secondly, Tawna Fenske’s is emerging as one of the funniest Romance writers around and I dare you not to chuckle reading her story. Her talents as a writer to create three satisfying storylines benefits readers as you pick one man/thread but if you are like me, I read all the options and cheered for all three men pursuing JJ. I won’t tell you who she finally picks but I will just tease you a bit by saying that I was happy with the state of her love life by the last page.

Part 2 begins at the previous story cliffhanger, who is pointing a gun at JJ? That answer and resolving the mysteries about the knock-off designer hang bags and the disappearance of her friend makes this book a fast and fun page turner. Expect to watch her relationships with the men in her life deepen, be jealous of her fabulous sister, and be amused as JJ irritates law officials in two cities. My only concern is that Part 2 ends on another dramatic cliffhanger, which leads this reviewer to beg, please let there be a Part 3!

*Please note that I read a reviewer copy of this book which didn’t have the fancy e-reader options to make story selections so I can’t give an option on its user friendliness. I read a pdf copy where I was able to read all the options at once.

Book Blurb for Getting Dumped Part 2

When we last saw JJ and Lori Schultz, their dinner was rudely interrupted by someone at the door with a gun. In this second episode of GETTING DUMPED, we learn who’s brandishing the pistol and follow along as the girls’ sleuthing kicks into high gear.

Who can JJ trust to help, and who’s hiding sinister secrets? Is it Collin, the surly British science geek? Pete, the D-list action-hero turned secretary? Or Daniel, the on-again, off-again boyfriend? Tune in, turn on, and help decide! Oh, did we mention that we’ve dialed up the sizzling sexiness, too?

This series was originally released and reviewed as a two part book. It has now been merged into one book.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50