From Notting Hill with Love...Actually

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From Notting Hill with Love...Actually

From Notting Hill with Love…Actually is the debut novel from Ali McNamara. The concept of this book is extremely charming as it allows like-minded readers to rehash their favorite romantic comedies and be envious of Scarlett’s journey to visit the actual Notting Hill. The book is told completely in 1st person narrative and in only one person’s point of view (POV), which can limit the storytelling. Since both suitors were compatible with the heroine, the story would have benefited from a scene from the man’s perspective to help readers root for one of them or a 3rd person (POV) scene to help readers fill in the gaps. However, the attention-to-detail movie references show that this author has great potential.

Our heroine is one lucky lady. David and Sean are both appealing so the readers can understand her dilemma. Since Scarlett is a movie buff, being engaged to a man who owns a chain of cinemas seems like winning the lottery. On the other side, Sean is the exotic overseas hunk, who accompanies her on her adventures. I would have been happy with either choice.

This novel is quasi Nurse Betty meets every Colin Firth/Hugh Grant romantic comedy. As an added bonus, the book includes a Notting Hill visitor’s guide, a movie quiz and notes about Scarlett’s favorite movies.

Book Blurb for From Notting Hill with Love...Actually

She was a girl, standing in front of a boy...

Movie fanatic Scarlett O'Brien dreams of a life as glamorous and romantic as all the big screen flicks she worships. When a chance house-sitting job in iconic Notting Hill comes along, she knows living in one of her favorite movie settings is an opportunity too good to pass up.

Leaving behind her skeptical friends, family, and fiance, Scarlett heads to London and finds herself thrust into the lead role of her very own romantic comedy. But can real life ever be just like the movies? Larger-than-life new friends, a handsome but irksome new neighbor, and a mystery from her past may prove to Scarlett that living her life like a RomCom is more complicated than she thought!

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.50