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I selected FanGirl by Andrea Lawson because I consider myself a “fan girl” and wanted to go on a literary ride with a like minded character. At Dragon Con, I walked in front of the Zombie Group during the Costume Parade in downtown Atlanta so I was thrilled that the heroine’s original quest was to be part of the “Fantasy Con” Zombie Parade in Atlanta. It was entertaining to go on Ruby’s journey as every fan girl wants their fan contribution to be recognized and secretly hopes to be invited to join the official team. Of course, our heroine gets much more than she bargained for and that gives the readers the real journey. Iris and Ruby’s friendship and Ruby’s evolution of love interests are highlights of this story.

The author wrote outside-the-box to appeal to a younger audience by using different writing techniques and styles: citations, list, fonts, text messages, web posts, etc. The best version of this story will be on the printed page where the author/publisher has control on the layout presentation. It was confusing to read this story on my kindle as the fonts didn’t come across on the page and the cliff notes weren’t anywhere close to the citations. If read in a compatible version, this story will certainly appeal to the inner geek inside all FanGirls!

Book Blurb for FanGirl

When Ruby Miller and her best friend, Iris, post an amateur video on their Zocopalypse fansite, neither expect the film to go viral, to be invited to lead the FantasyCon parade or meet Gabe Foster, the creator and artist behind the graphic novel.

Gabe announces Zocopalypse’s adaptation to a television miniseries and pegs college-bound Ruby to play iconic zombie hunter, Alexandra. She reluctantly accepts, pushing aside her summer babysitting job and plans to lounge around the pool in favor of negotiating with agents, hot actors and the paparazzi.

Attending zombie boot camp and memorizing lines is hard enough, but Ruby must learn to trust her instincts in a world where the line between fiction and reality ceases to exist, and the two worlds blur into one. (Novel - 45,000 - 69,999)

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50