Dracula's Secret

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Dracula's Secret

Blood Wings, #1

Dracula's Secret is the first book in Linda Mercury's Blood Wings series. I enjoy a good vampire story and this one combines historical context about Vlad (Dracula) while putting a new gender spin on the tale. In this world, humans have a shaky relationship with the paranormal – vampires, werewolves, and angels and if they are not careful, they could end up with a vampire in the White House. Valerie will kill to prevent that from happening but not for humanity, she’s just settling some old family business. Getting in her way is her perplexing desire for a holier-than-thou named Lance.

Warning, this series is edgy. Not only will readers have to get used to the idea of new version of Vlad but there seems to be the start of a three person romantic relationship (two guys and one girl with gender issues). The author is very comfortable writing sexuality. This book is not labeled as Erotica but I can see the series heading in that direction. If you have an open mind, you will be rewarded with a richly researched story by a clear Bram Stoker fan.

Originally Reviewed on 4/14/2013.

Book Blurb for Dracula's Secret

In a new world where paranormals and humans share an uneasy coexistence, the most dangerous and sensual legend of the night lives once more--and one of the greatest secrets of all time is about to come out. . ..

She Hungers For His Light

She calls herself Valerie Tate. One of the few vampires left on earth, as beautiful as she is powerful, Valerie has resisted her craving for human blood for years, just as she once hid her true gender. But the night she lays eyes on the most enticing man she’s ever seen, her appetite can no longer be denied. He radiates goodness and light--and searing sexual energy. Valerie must have him. Taste him. Consume him. For he is temptation--and he is her destiny. . .

Lance Soleil is a rugged war veteran who runs a homeless shelter in Portland. At first gaze, he knows what Valerie is--and wants her even more. But when he welcomes a pack of werewolves into his shelter, he attracts the attention of Valerie’s oldest rival--her bloodthirsty brother, Radu, who hopes to become the first vampire President of the United States. Valerie knows Radu has a hidden agenda, and with Lance’s help she is determined to stop his unholy rise to power. But first, she must risk their growing love by fully revealing herself--as the one and only Dracula. . .

This is a re-issued title.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.00