Anna, survivor of a mysterious plague that turns people into zombies, is determined to survive. Enigma is a Fae sent to protect the world, but can't do that without Anna's help. For Anna zombies are easier to believe in than a Fae warrior, but she must believe to fulfill her destiny.

A short title but still steamy. I would recommend this to anyone with a moment of spare time.

Book Blurb for Sanctuary

The dead are walking the Earth and Anna believes she is the only human survivor of an undead plague of zombies. That is, until she finds five people in a church who desperately need her help to escape a horrible fate.

Enigma, a Fae warrior sent to protect the world, has come to seek Anna's aid in ridding the city of zombies before the Earth is completely overcome. But how can Anna, a simple Yoga instructor, find the power to triumph against an army of the living dead? And how can she resist Enigma's incredible Fae charms once he sets out to seduce her? The fate of the world is in peril, but all Anna can think of is sex with the delicious Enigma.

We are all doomed.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00