Love Partner

It's romance with some meat on its bones. Judan is a man, er alien, who was raised to respect family, home, and responsibility. Myrina is a gifted scientist, who struggles with family, career and a phobia, and the only scientist who may be able to save the colonists stranded on a planet, which is killing them. As the one responsible for the colonists Judan needs Myrina's help, but he gets more than he wanted. Genetic compatibility has him thinking marriage is the solution to many of his problems, and Myrina is feeling the heat. She however won't settle for less than love. Judan and Myrina both struggle to define love, lust, and family while attempting to save the dying colonists.

Madison is a gifted storyteller. She has created a world full of complex characters and amazing science. There are several other characters that I would love to read more about. Love Partner has added a dimension to fated mates that I had not read before. Besides the genetic compatibility there needs to be a genuine connection, and the book discusses if compatibility is enough, and is love biology or psychology. I can't wait for more from Madison she writes a terrific story sprinkled with just enough sex.

Book Blurb for Love Partner

Seventy-seven Dakokatan Outposters are stranded on a hostile planet, and Warlord Judan Ringa is desperate to reach them before more die. He appeals to Technikon Laboratories Consortium for aid, seeking the one scientist who can save his people. But his first meeting with Dr. Myrina deCarte stuns him.

She's human. Yet she's his genetically coded mate.

Orphaned at an early age, Myrina knows nothing about her past. All she has now are her job and her friends at TLC. That is, until she meets a tall, green-skinned man who literally electrifies her from head to toe—and who insists they have a future together. After years of yearning to be wanted, she's about to discover that it isn't enough. She believes in love, a word that isn't part of the Dakokatan lexicon.

Determined to overcome their cultural barriers, Judan sets out to teach Myrina the customs and rituals between Dakokatan mates, both inside the bedroom and out. And along the way, she teaches him what it means to be human.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 4.00