Hot Target

Femme Metal, Book 2

The second in the Femme Metal series this book does not disappoint. This is the story of Kimberly Holmes, who was introduced as a member of the crew in Femme Metal. Nicknamed Ballistics Kim because of her penchant for weapons; she is now captaining the ship. She has a respected arms business, but runs into trouble with a competitor named Titan.

Titan is outraged that someone dare try and take a client from him, so he plans on catching this mysterious weapons dealer in the act. All goes well until he catches sight of her. Stunned he chases her across space only to be caught himself.

A great read, steamy sex, and real action. I read this one straight through and loved it. Set in futuristic space with different races and customs, Grey creates a world that encompasses pain and passion. A wonderful book that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Book Blurb for Hot Target

Femme Metal, Book Two

Five years after their last extraction mission, computer-hacker and whiz-kid Kimberly Holmes has turned the Femme Metal into a floating armory, turning her cutting-edge designs into actual weapons, what she affectionately calls "can openers". Building her reputation as a legitimate arms dealer hasn't been easy, but Kim is stubborn if nothing else.

When she unknowingly steps on a rival's toes, she tries a few of her toys on him as he chases her across the system. Some people just can't take a bit of competition!

In his corner of space, Titan Harris is boss, judge and executioner…mostly executioner. When something doesn't go his way, there's hell to be paid. News reaches him some newbie calling herself "Ballistic Kim" has just nabbed one of his biggest clients and Titan doesn't know what he'll do—kill the pesky little thing outright or make an example of her. He arranges a business meeting with the full intention of pulverizing her and that ugly ship of hers. That's what he tells himself as he rushes to the rendezvous point, pumped and ready to break heads. Then he meets "Ballistic Kim" and everything goes south.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.50