I was hooked right off. Aerin is a character everyone can relate to; she is not the typical svelte youth so often portrayed in books, but a true to life character. Her visit to Fetish is her last chance at adventure. When she gets there it's not what she expected, but then life never is. Fetish is a fantastic paranormal with a twist. A must read for those looking for a new take on the paranormal/vampire genre.

Book Blurb for Fetish

Within the walls of a high-class hedonists' club, mousy Aerin Peters will find her sexual identity amidst the confusion of her mid-life crisis...

But all is not as it would seem within the walls of club Fetish. As Aerin grows closer to her fiendishly provocative escort, Violanti D'Arco, the dangers of her weekend retreats at the club become more apparent to her. She is haunted by her strange new friend and by Fetish itself. Unexplained memory lapses, an ever-growing addiction to Violanti's touch and tales of frightening sexual deviances will drive Aerin to investigate the enigmatic mystery of Fetish and its unseen owner...

Aerin's love, her heart, her very life may depend upon these answers. Because at Fetish, nothing is taboo.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.50