Femme Metal

Femme Metal, Book 1

Right from the start I was hooked. Action, adventure, love, loss it had everything. This is the story of the vessel (read spaceship) Femme Metal captained by Alexandra Novona. Her all female crew are characters with depth and fill out the story perfectly. The introduction of the male Sekmeth begins an adventure I didn't anticipate. It was wonderful and even though I knew the story would end well it wasn't at all predictable. So many real life topics are covered without really noticing that it wasn't until after I finished the book that I realized just how much of the human experience Nathalie managed to get into the story. A definite recommend here - "Hot Target" follows the continuing story of one of the crewmember Kimberly Holmes.

Book Blurb for Femme Metal

Alexandra Novona has been called many things. Soldier. Enemy. Bodyguard. Bitch. Her body's been through enough refits to trip every metal detector in the system. But nowadays, she's what is politely referred to as a "privateer". A new tag for an old job—slaver.

On the Femme Metal, a tough, ugly-as-hell little ship, she prowls deep space procuring males. Human or alien. She doesn't much care. As long as they generate profit. And nothing will stop her from supplying her wealthy customers with top-grade male specimens for their brothel ships. Not even the seven-foot, blue-skinned, silver-haired wonder her customer very specifically requested. Unfortunately for Alex, she hadn't counted on the gorgeous Yithian being a Hunter or how her own attractiveness and desirability could get her and her crew into hot water.

Sekmeth Meroh always gets his prey. For an exorbitant fee, he will catch anyone, of any race, on any world. He's the best of his kind—a Hunter—and sneaky to boot. Sekmeth's latest assignment—capture Alexandra Novona and her all female crew for a brothel ship near his own home world.

One little problem… Neither Alex nor Sekmeth can keep their hands—or lips—to themselves.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2007 4.50