Swing For The Fences

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Swing For The Fences

Gilli Braunstein was living a normal life. He had a girlfriend, lots of friends and was athletic. His life became a bit more exciting when his friend asked him to play basketball for team Winnipeg in the Maccabi Games. He automatically said yes and was soon on his way to Montreal. While they were there, they stayed with a host family. The second night during the Maccabi Games was "Host Family Night". The woman they were staying with, Debbie, invited family and friends over for dinner. That is when Gilli meets Rachel.
Gilli instantly took a liking to Rachel. Although he had a girlfriend back at home, all Gilli could think about was Rachel. Other girls liked Gilli but he turned them all down. Gilli knew he wanted to be with Rachel. He also knew that the distance between Winnipeg and Montreal could be problem.
Does Gilli go back and see Rachel after the Maccabi Games are over? Does he ever tell her how he feels about her? Do they eventually hook up? Or does Rachel not see Gilli in the same way and just as a friend?
I really enjoyed this story. It shows that you should always chase your dreams or you will live life without knowing what it would have been like if you did. I think many young adults will enjoy reading this book because they can relate it to their lives as well. This story was a page-turner - I couldn't put it down from the moment I began reading it. I'm sure that anyone who reads this book will enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Swing For The Fences

True love is what we search our whole lives for. The night I met Rachel, I found it. Many miles and obstacles held us apart, but I was determined to seek her love.

Swing For The Fences is an inspirational story of growing up and change. It's about giving life everything you've got to get what you truly desire. The remarkable journey that led me to Rachel is filled with adventure, romance and travel.

Fate only takes you so far and then it's up to you what happens. It was a bumpy ride with many twists and turns, but one day fate brought me back to her. At the end of the road, was she the girl for me?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.00