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Quinn is the perfect teenager that any parent would die to have. She gets good grades, never gets in trouble, and does everything her mother asks her to do. That is, until Quinn finds out that her mom did something very bad that got her fired from her company and caused them to lose everything they had. Quinn always thought that her mom was a perfect person up until then.

Quinn doesn’t want things to change and doesn’t want to move. In all of this drama, Quinn finds herself starting to change and rebel.  She sneaks out, lies, and kisses a few boys. Will Quinn find out what her mother did wrong? Will she get in trouble for not being the perfect daughter? What happens with her relationship situation?

I suggest that you read Brilliant and find out.  I found it to be a really great book. There is romance, friendship, sisterhood, etc. It’s a great read for any teenage girl!

Book Blurb for Brilliant

Always the responsible daughter, Quinn is expected to take everything in Stride- Mom's moods; moving; her sisters. Alison and Phoebe-all while juggling school, piano, and the search for true love. In Brilliant, a wilder Quinn emerges-lying, sneaking out, kissing boys she shouldn't-how will Quinn know she's gone too fare?

In the final book of the Avery sisters trilogy (including Lucky and Gorgeous), Rachel Vail delivers the perfect conclusion to her compelling sisterhood series as well as a timely look at how unexpected changes affect ttens used to a life of privilege.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.00