Under Darkness

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Under Darkness

(The Darkwing Chronicles book 5)

The Darkwings are back and with bigger bite and sizzle than ever before! Daphne Urban and her fellow Darkwing comrades are back for another thrilling ride in Under Darkness The Darkwing Chronicles Book 5.

Ever since Daphne was given the choice of playing Spy for the US government or finding her end at the wrong end of a stake, things in her life have been extremely complex to say the least. To make things even better. her top commanding officer is her mother! (That in and of itself would be a nightmare) This time the Darkwings assignment is to uncover the mysterious disappearance of a national treasure, which may well be linked with a planned terrorist attack that would rival that horrid day of 9/11. Benny, Cormack, Rogue and Audrey are all back and as feisty and troublemaking as ever!

On top of their new top-secret mission as if that weren't harrowing enough, the city is suddenly infused with a small army of vampire hunters that are looking to extinguish the undead of New York. Daphne and the Darkwings now find themselves not only dodging bullets and trying to uncover the terrorist threat, but they must dodge silver ones and stakes too! And to raise the bar even higher for our heroine - who should turn up just when all of this starts going down, but the sexy and troubled love of Daphne's life - Darius de l!

Her commanding officer Jay and her mother both warn Daphne to steer clear of Darius he is nothing but trouble and to hear them tell it very dangerous to them all. Could he be coming back to renew their love or is he at the heart of the influx of vampire hunters that is threatening the entire vamp community? Will his return mark a new start for them as she hopes in her heart, or will it mean the ultimate betrayal and the death of them all?

You just never know where Ms. Russe is going to take you and that's one of the best parts of this series. She never fails to both entertain and keep you on your toes wondering what's just around the corner for your favorite fanged spies! I just love Benny and her fine and fangy southern banter. Plus the hot scenes with Darius and Daphne leave you fanning and begging for more! Ms. Russe writes with a rare charm and whit that never fail to make me LOL many times, and then in the next turn around and make me think and even cry. I have always enjoyed this series but I think this is probably my favorite one since the first one. It's got it all action, suspense, and passion to die for and moments that leave you with a lump in your throat. If you love a good vamp read you don't miss this one! I give this one a very enthusiastic five and can't wait for the next one in the series to see what is going to happens next!

Book Blurb for Under Darkness

The terrorist threat to America continues, but this time it's so top secret that only those in the highest circles of government know about it. As it unfolds, Daphne and the vampire spies, the Darkwings, become the first-and only-line of defense to save a city. Team Darkwing's assignment: decipher and defuse the terrorist plot. But Daphne gets distracted when vampire hunters storm the city. Is Darius, her hot-and-cold lover, behind their reappearance? This time, will he return to love Daphne-or to commit the ultimate act of betrayal?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00