Touched by Light

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Touched by Light

The Sentinel Series, #3

Touched by Light is the latest book in Catherine Spangler’s Sentinels series and this time we get to see Adam (the Sanctioned leader of the Sentinels) find his soul mate!
Dr. Julia Reynold’s has lived a solitary existence for the past twelve years after an unspeakable attack left more than just her body broken. Still haunted by the events of that attack Julia has become a creature of habit and strict routines to help her cope with the terrible memories. She has buried herself in her work at the university where she teaches and has sworn off men at least when it comes to anything resembling intimacy. But she never counted on having to deal with the very powerful, domineering and wickedly handsome Sanctioned - Adam Masters again, but he is back and he desperately needs Julia’s help and he’s not taking no for an answer!
Adam Masters has battled countless Belians and brought them to justice, this time the evil has invaded his circle of Sentinels. And the fight between good and evil just got more dangerous than ever when one of their own goes missing, and Adam fears that the worst might well have happened. All the signs seem to be pointing that the missing Sentinel has been possessed by a Belian; which would give the Belian the combined powers of his own and that of the Sentinel that he is inhabiting. With both powers the Belian will be able to bring unimaginable chaos and evil to the world and it’s up to Adam to find and banish him before he takes more innocent lives. But Adam is having a hard time getting the location and “signature” of his Sentinel since he has disappeared (another sign that he might have been possessed by a Belian) and he needs the help of a “conductor” to pen point the location of the missing Sentinel. His perfectly matched conductor is none other than the very prim and proper and very solitary Ms. Julia Reynolds. While he knows the horrors that Julia has lived through and admires her, he has to have her help (which she is not wanting to give) before the Belian can cause more mayhem than he already has. And that means the two of them getting much closer! And believe you me the sparks fly between these two from the very beginning!
Adam knew from the first time that he saw Julia that she was different and there has never been a matched conductor connection between a human and a Sanctioned before, but Julia is his perfect match in ever aspect. And Adam is determined that they will work together to bring the Belian to justice.
Can Julia look beyond her haunting past to help Adam locate and defeat the evil Belian in time? Can Adam help Julia overcome her demons? And will they be able to find the Sentinel in time to prevent a catastrophe that could endanger them all and countless other people?  Believe me you don’t want to miss this exciting read! So pick it up today and find out what happens!

Catherine Spangler has weaved a very interesting and different universe with her Sentinels series. This was the first book that I had read (and this is the 3rd in the series) I didn’t have any trouble keeping up and following the story.
It’s a fresh and new paranormal world, and I found it very enjoyable. I really loved the main characters both Adam and Julia were such complex and layered characters they were a joy to read and to see their budding love grow. Especially seeing Julia fighting the demons in her past and overcoming them with Adam’s help. For those of you that love a good paranormal and or Sci Fi story you will love this series it’s got it all action, adventure, and passion. Spangler is a great writer and I look forward to reading more from her!

Book Blurb for Touched by Light

After a brutal attack, Dr. Julia Reynolds is determined to live a solitary existence. But one man who believes she’s his soul mate and his destiny has other ideas . . .

For twelve years Julia has been haunted by memories of a horrific assault, and forced to deal with precognitive abilities triggered by the attack. She’s buried herself in her career. However, the arrogant and infuriating Adam Masters threatens her protective bubble, claiming she is a precisely matched conductor—for him.

Adam is the powerful head of the Sentinels, a superhuman race protecting Earth. He believes his intense physical and mental connection with Julia will help locate a missing Sentinel. But Julia resists, unwilling to be drawn into a dark supernatural world, or to give into the sexual attraction between her and Adam.

At the same time, her life is threatened when her psychopathic former attacker is freed from prison and seeks revenge. Julia finds herself torn between running from her demons—and embracing her power and reaching for the light . . .

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.25