The Vampire and the Virgin

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The Vampire and the Virgin

Love at Stake Book Eight

I have long thought of these books as the Stephanie Plum series with fangs!

The Vampire and the Virgin is book 8 in the Love at Stake series. Robbie Mackay has lived for centuries but never has he so burned with anger and the lust for revenge! After his capture and the extreme torture that he endured at the hands of the Malcontents Robbie has vowed that he will make all of the evil blood suckers pay for what they did.  He’s so obsessed with getting his hands on those responsible that Angus and the other vamps at Mackay Security are worried that he will get himself or someone else killed in his present loose cannon state. Angus orders Robbie to either submit to seeing a psychologist or to take several months leave of absence on the Greek Island of Patmos to finish his recovery and to cool off and get his head and emotions back under control. Robbie is less than pleased with the idea but he would rather die than to talk about the torture that he endured and the subsequent humiliation because of it. Robbie decides that he will use the time to build back his strength and get himself in even better condition to track down and destroy the Malcontents and their leader Casimir once and for all.  He never thought that his exile to Patmos would bring him face to face with a woman that would make his blood burn hotter than any revenge ever could.

Olivia Sotiris is a unique woman in more ways than one after all she works for the FBI as a criminal psychologist. She has gone to visit her grandmother in Greece and to try to forget the criminal mastermind that has become obsessed with her. No one could touch her here or so she thought… when Olivia meets the handsome and enigmatic Robby Mackay she feels things she never felt before and she can’t feel something that she has always been able to feel… she can’t read Robbie or his emotions at all. Olivia is an empath and has always had the gift of being able to “read” people and their emotions for as long as she could remember. But Robbie is the first person she has ever encountered that she can’t read a single thing from- not one solitary thought or emotion, and that is both thrilling and extremely scary as well. And while there is no doubt that she and Robbie are attracted to each other…will their feelings have a chance at growing? He with his haunting memories and wanting nothing to do with a psychiatrist or reliving his ordeal? Not to mention his undead status. How could a vibrant woman like Olivia be satisfied with a man that is dead during the day? Plus can he give up his well laid plans for revenge even for a chance at love? But all of those questions may be for not when the mad man who has his sights set on Olivia comes back to claim her...

I don’t want to say more and give any more away from this wonderful plot but trust me you don’t want to miss out on what does happen! I have loved this series from book one and have been waiting for Robbie’s book! Those of you who do follow the series will remember all that Robbie has gone through to get to where he is now … and couldn’t wait to see him have his own story! Kerrelyn Sparks certainly didn’t disappoint. This one was a page-turner and it pulled me in and made me laugh and sigh and yes fan myself with those hot love scenes! ;) If you love paranormal romances that are passionate and exciting with doses of laugh out loud moments sprinkled in do yourself a favor and pick up this one and the rest of the series. You will be very glad you did! Kerrelyn Sparks is a mega talented author and I hope to see this series continue for many, many books to come!

Book Blurb for The Vampire and the Virgin

"New York Times" bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks continues her popular "Love at Stake" series with battle-weary vampire Robby MacKay who finds love while on vacation.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.75