The Fortune Hunter

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The Fortune Hunter

Book 1

First off let me say that I normally am not a contemporary reader unless it has a paranormal slant to the story. However something just called to me to give this one a try. And I was very glad I did! Jasmine Haynes has penned one of the most erotic and sexy romps that I have had the pleasure of reading in a long while and while it is a straight forward contemporary romance it is on fire and one that if you like a hot read you won't want to miss. I couldn't put it down once I started it. The main characters the sweet and good-hearted Faith never believed that she would find a man that would love her for herself, that they would all be after one thing if they were to pursue her and that would be her father's company. The thing she wants more than anything in the world - children, seems to keep getting further and further from her reach as the years go by.

Conner Kingston doesn't believe in love what he does believe is that Faith Castle and her father's company are the very thing he needs to make his goals come to reality. He purposes a marriage of convenience that will get he and Faith both what they want. She would get the children she so longs for and he would get to be head of the Castle Heavy Mining Empire. The one thing he didn't count on was how much Faith would stir both his body and his hardened heart. Could this marriage that started as little more than a business deal be the thing that gives them more than they ever dared hope for --- the love of their lives.

I highly recommend this sexy romp and have a fan handy because this one is smoking.

Book Blurb for The Fortune Hunter

A proposition that's anything but businesslike.

If she wants to realize her lifelong dream of having children, heiress Faith Castle had better find a husband-pronto. But there are two roadblocks on her road to happiness: she knows no eligible men, and she's not exactly Miss California.

Then she meets Connor Kingston. He's yummy. He's available. And he thinks she's sexy.

But he's also honest. After a kiss that leaves them hot and bothered, Connor offers to marry Faith, but purely as a career move. It's far from romantic, but it's as good an offer as she's going to get. Each has a caveat, though. She requires his fidelity-and he wants a no-holds-barred sex life.

From their wedding night on, they get more and more adventuresome-and Faith starts feeling different about herself and her body. And somewhere in the midst of ecstasy, they come to know the most foreign, exciting aphrodisiac of all-love.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.50