The Courtesan's Secret

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The Courtesan's Secret

This is the second book in Claudia Dain's fabulous Courtesan's series. Lady Louisa Kirkland is at her wits end she has been trying for the past two seasons to catch the eye and the heart of Lord Dutton. But the handsome and rakish Dutton pays her no attention at all and Louisa is bound and determined that she will have no other but him. So what else is a lady to do but to consult the woman who knows how to handle any situation and any man. Louisa enlists the help of the famous ex courtesan Sophia Dalby. After all Sophia has just managed a rather fantastic bit of matchmaking for her daughter Caroline and Louisa has every confidence that she can do the same for her.

Meanwhile Lord Henry Blakesley has spent the last three years watching as Louisa chased after the conceited, roguish and evidently blind. Lord Dutton, all the while failing miserably at seeing just how much she means to him (Blakesley). Now Blakesley is tired of playing the supporting man and wants to be much more to Louisa. Can he truly be the one that will set Louisa's heart on fire or will he play second fiddle yet again to Dutton? And what can the beautiful and scheming ex-courtesan have up her sleeve for them all? Believe me you won't want to miss the answer!

Claudia Dain is a magnificent storyteller and I absolutely adore this series. It's fresh, it's entertaining, and above all it's just plain fun! Ms. Dain has a way with words that is nothing short of extraordinary, and in the character of Sophia Dalby I have found one of the most entertaining and delightful characters that I have encountered in a very long time in any brand of fiction. I can't wait to see what Ms. Dain cooks up next time for Sophia and her prot‚g‚s. And as Sophia might say to miss this series would be nothing short of unthinkable darling.

Book Blurb for The Courtesan's Secret

Lady Louisa fell in love with Lord Dutton exactly three years ago and never fell out. It was past time for him to fall in love with her. Long past time. What was wrong with Dutton? Couldn't he see that she was the very ideal sort of wife for him? The picture of ginger haired beauty and sparkling wit? And her bosom was quite nice, too.

After watching the speed with which Caroline, Sophia's daughter, managed to snag a husband, Louisa has come to the logical conclusion that if she could only have Sophia help her then Louisa and Dutton would find themselves quickly married. With Dutton as her goal, Louisa swallows her pride and asks Sophia for help in acquiring the man of her dreams.

Sophia is more than happy to help a woman get the man of her dreams, but is Dutton that man? Lord Henry Blakesley seems a much better match for the fiery Louisa. And Sophia, an ex-courtesan, has no qualms at all in arranging things so that Louisa sees Blakesley in a new light. But it's a one can know that Louisa sought help in snaring a man from a former courtesan.

But in London, secrets are as rare as hen's teeth.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50