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MacKinnon's Rangers, #1

This is the first book in the new Mackinnon's Rangers series from Pamela Clare. And what a start it is. Iain Mackinnon was living a happy life with his future all planned out when a good deed landed him in a mess of trouble, and threw all of his plans out the window. Now he finds himself and his brothers forced into fighting for the Crown against the French and the Abenaki or face death and the death of his family as well. Though resentment for the British and their arrogant leader burns deep in his breast he finds himself the leader of a new unit of Rangers that quickly become one of the backbones of the British forces.

Lady Annie Campbell never would have in her wildest dreams foreseen herself here in the Colonies as an indentured servant nothing more than a common criminal in the eyes of the Crown. Coming from a very powerful clan that was heavily aligned with the Crown she had always lead a life of privilege and ease. Now she finds herself working her fingers to the bone and breaking her back as nothing more than a common servant (and a sorely mistreated servant at that, at the hands of her new owners). What cuts even deeper is the fact that the person responsible for her being in this situation was a man she loved and trusted like a father, her own Uncle. But never would she imagine that an Indian attack would land her at the feet of her Savior and a man that sets her very soul on fire.

Iain could not leave the beautiful lass that he sees being man handled and about to be used and then God knows what at the hands of several Abenaki warriors and French soldiers. Risking his mission and defying orders he saves Annie from certain death but at a major cost to himself at the hands of his Commanding Officers.

And believe it or not this is just the beginning of poor Iain and Annie's troubles in a land filled with War and Blood will they finally find the home they each long for in each others arms. Or will their differences and the forced duty of Iain's service to the Crown pull them forever apart.

Trust me you do not want to miss this exciting and HOT start to what promises to be a fabulous new series. I have loved all of Pamela Clare's novels from the first one and this is one that I hated to see end and can't wait for the next book in the series to come out to see where she takes it next! Great plot and characters as well as some very memorable supporting characters as well. If you love historical romance be sure to pick this one up soon!

Re-Issued Review. Original Review Date 12/27/2007. New Publisher.

Book Blurb for Surrender

Unlawfully charged with a crime and now fighting for the hated British, Iain MacKinnon disobeyed orders and endangered his brothers and his mission to rescue a woman. And though he sensed Annie was hiding something from him, it was too late to hold back his heart...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00