Spirited Away

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Spirited Away

I truly enjoyed this lovely debut novel from Cindy Miles I just know she will be keeping fans reading for years to come. If you like the novels of Lynn Kurland you will LOVE Ms. Miles books. Sexy Knights and strong and funny leading and supporting characters make this one not to miss.

When Dr. Andrea Monroe is granted permission to excavate a recently uncovered horde of weapons and remains at the infamous Dreadmore castle she is beside herself with excitement. It is afterall the ancient home of the legendary Dragonhawk and his famous knights. Little did she dream though that she would run headlong into the famous and very dead knight's handsome and enigmatic ghost Tristan De Barre. The attraction between the two literally and figuratively sizzles between the two from the start. And Tristan knows within his heart that Andi with her feisty ways and beautiful smile is the reason he has been looking and waiting for all these long centuries. But will the return of an ancient evil be the end of both of them? Or will true love indeed bridge the spaces of life and death.

If you love a good story with chivalry, action, romance and intrigue don't miss this wonderful book. Pick it up today!

Book Blurb for Spirited Away

Knight Tristan de Barre and his men were murdered in 1292, their souls cursed to roam Dreadmoor Castle forever.

Forensic archeologist Andi Monroe is excavating the site and studying the legend of a medieval knight who disappeared. But although she's usually rational, Andi could swear she's met the handsome knight's ghost.

Until she finds a way to lift the curse, though, love doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.25