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Show and Tell

Trinity Green thought she had her life all together until she came home early from her best friend's baby shower and found her husband in their shower with another woman. Shocked and deeply betrayed by her husband's infidelity she vows to herself that she is going to change her life. No more of denying herself what she wants for appearances. She has always tried to be the perfect girl for everyone the perfect daughter for daddy, the perfect wife, the perfect friend, the perfect socialite but no more! She wants to experience all the things she denied herself for others. She is going to eat something besides a rabbit food, she is going to have desert, she is going to live and take chances and not worry about how she looks while she does it. And most of all she is going to have passion and incredible and mind-blowing sex! Not wanting to stay in their home after seeing her less than faithful hubby with his mistress in their bathroom Trinity goes to a hotel. Little does she realize that true passion is about to find her that very night.

Scott Sinclair checks into the hotel while on the last leg of a business trip. When he hears moans and sounds of a woman in the throws of passion coming from the room next door he is very intrigued and turned on beyond measure by the woman's sexy voice. He has to find out who is the owner of that out of this world voice, and when he knocks on her door later he is floored by her beauty and sass as much as he was by her voice. The two begin to talk and it's not long before mutual attraction leads to other things.

But not wanting to take the leap back into a relationship in any way after what she's just been through Trinity refuses to tell Scott her name. They begin a very passionate and heated affair that leaves both of them enthralled by the other. Trinity finds in Scott a level of pleasure and longing that she has never experienced before and she quickly finds that she can't get enough of him. Scott quickly becomes happily obsessed with her and hasn't felt this alive since his marriage ended long before he was finally divorced to his ex wife, in fact Trinity is the woman of his dreams. Can he convince her that they were made for one another or will Trinity's all to recent wounds always keep her just out of his reach? Or can he teach her that sometimes-true passion and love can be worth the risk.

I really enjoy Jasmine Haynes writing she has a knack for putting you in the characters place and making you feel what they are experiencing. I loved the first book in this series Fortune Hunter and this was a great follow up to that. There are some instances in this one that gave me a bit of pause and would make some readers uncomfortable possibly if they are apposed to certain areas of erotica like mild bondage and some exhibitionism. One scene in particular where another person watches while Trinity and Scott made love was a bit much for me but might not bother others in the least. However over all this was a very hot and exciting read I was rooting for Trinity and Scott to find happiness and it was great seeing Faith and Conner again from the first book. If you like your books HOT this one is definitely that and it keeps you guessing all the way till the end what's going to happen next. Very erotic and keeps you on your toes too I hope there is another book in this series I can't wait to see what Miss Haynes comes up with next!

Book Blurb for Show and Tell

Passion first. Names later. This is what erotic romance is all about. Trinity Green dreamed of uninhibited passion- something she couldn't expect from her husband. Then she found him getting down and dirty with another woman, and Trinity decided to stop pleasing other people and start pleasing herself- whether with great food or sexy strangers. But with true passion comes real connection, and soon Trinity must admit-and accept-who she really is.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00