Private Places

Anthology - : Robin Schone , Claudia Dain, Allyson James, Shiloh Walker

This is the first anthology I have read in a while and I really enjoyed it. The first three stories by Allyson James, Claudia Dain, and Shiloh Hunter were outstanding! The fourth is by Robin Schone and this one put me off a little bit it's not for the average romance reader and it deals with some subject matter that might bother some readers so I do advise caution on the last story in this book as it would not appeal to some readers but overall this was a really great collection of stories.

First up is Allyson James's The Decidedly Devilish Duke a young widow finds her life quickly turned upside down when an old flame suddenly waltzes back into her life and with the turn of a few cards her future changes forever. Will the sexy and mysterious Michael bring with him love this time around or will he trump her heart like before.

Claudia Dain tells a story in her famous Courtesan's series with A Night at the Theater. Now I am a huge fan of Miss Dain's new series that swirls around the exploits and loves that revolve around the beautiful and manipulative Courtesan Sophia Dalby! And this was a wonderful look at Sophia before she married the Earl of Dalby and indeed how they met. So if you're a fan of her Courtesan series you will love this prequel in which you get to see how some of the events that shaped Sophia in the books came about! I really enjoyed this one and wish it had been longer!

Next is Hunter's Mercy by Shiloh Walker this one is a historical turn in her popular Hunter's series and it is fabulous! Up till this one Miss Walker mainly wrote paranormal romances that take place in the present day and follows the protective forces of the Hunters that keep watch over the world and protect it and humans from the Ferals, A group of uninhibited and vicious monsters show no regard for human life. I think her foray her into the historical world was very well done and sexy as well. If you love her Hunter's series you don't want to miss this one for sure it's a real treat!

Lastly Robin Schone's Men and Women's club, now this is partly a spin off from one of Miss Schone's other novels Scandalous Lovers (which I have not read so I don't know if that would affect my judgment on the story line of this one or not), but there is some subject manner surrounding both the main characters pasts that has left indelible scars upon them that might turn some readers off. I found myself feeling for them very much in what they had suffered in the past to bring them to where they are in the story, but some of the things that they engaged in during the story did bother me to an extent and made this one a little hard for me to read. So again some readers might find this one a little harder to read than the others.

Over all though this was a fabulous collection of stories from some of today's bright and shining authors who know how to capture you and pull you into their stories. And leave you longing for more!

Book Blurb for Private Places

USA Today bestselling author Robin Schone shares a tale of a man and a woman in a notorious club, who learn how very dangerous desires of the flesh can be. Claudia Dain heats up this collection with the story of two voyeuristic young courtesans who might just take part in a very public seduction at the theatre. Allyson James has a card-playing, cunning widower and a desperate young widow learn that passion is the ultimate wild card. And finally, Shiloh Walker introduces a short story of a woman saved by a shapeshifter. Now, if only she could think of a way to repay him.

Rarely does such blush-worthy, heated erotica exist-and almost never all in one book.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00