Pleasuring the Pirate

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Pleasuring the Pirate

Pleasuring the Pirate is a fabulous, fun romp full of adventure, mischief, mayhem, romance and yes PIRATES! Who could resist a combination like that right and you shouldn’t because you would be missing one great read! Jacquelyn Wren the illegitimate daughter of an infamous courtesan counted herself lucky to be chatelaine of Dragon Caern Castle. She knew that she was never to be the well-married lady of some rich and handsome titled Lord her birth and position made certain of that. Yet at Dragon Caern she found the home and 5 mischievous young girls that both needed and cared for her.  Her life seemed laid out and though not what she had dreamed of she was happy. Or so she thought until the passing of the Lord of Dragon Caern leaves the Castle and title to the wayward younger brother who was thought to be lost at sea years before. Now he has returned to claim what is his and lo and behold Mistress Jack finds herself face to face with an honest to goodness Pirate as her new Lord, and immediately she knows that this sexy darkly handsome pirate spells trouble!
From the moment they meet (and what a first meeting it is I won’t give it away but it is a great and very memorable first meeting to be sure!) the sparks fly between the two high-spirited souls.
Gabriel Drake the famous Pirate that piloted the Revenge through the waters of the Caribbean now finds himself with an official pardon and at the passing of his brother he is now Lord and Master of Dragon Caern Castle, all of its tenants, and his five little hellion nieces.  And people thought the life of a pirate was dangerous! Though much different to what he has been use to at sea the life and people of Dragon Caern soon steal the pirates heart especially the feisty and headstrong Mistress Jack. Gabriel longs to plunder the riches of her ripe lips and teach her the true meaning of passion. And though at the first touch the fire between them ignites will the circumstances of Gabriel’s new title keep them forever apart? For he must marry and marry well to keep the Castle and her tenants from becoming bankrupt. Can the two lovers find a way to overcome the restrictions and ever climbing obstacles that society demands or will they find themselves slaves to position and title at the expense of their own hearts?
A truly wonderful book that kept me up well past my bedtime, because I simply couldn’t put this one down. This one has it all it’s a FUN read and that is so hard to come by now a days.  I love a good dramatic read but this one is that plus the best parts of a well-written comedy combined.  A wonderful cast full of lively and romantic characters and hilarious parts that leave you laughing out loud, then parts that make you want to weep and the next minute your wondering what in the world is going to happen next and then panting at the romance ta boot!  I absolutely loved this one and I can’t wait to read more from Emily Bryan I have read her as her alter ego Diana Groe and she is excellent in both guises, so do pick this one up and enjoy a good romantic and funny read that proves that in the end real treasure is found in the heart not in the treasure chest!

Book Blurb for Pleasuring the Pirate

All it took was a flick of the wrist. A deft touch of his sword point and Drake the Dragon bared her bound breasts. Then with the heat of his hands along her skin, he bared her soul. All the wantonness Jacquelyn had denied herself as a famous courtesan's daughter, all the desire she'd held in her heart while running Lord Gabriel Drake's estate flooded through her at his touch. Not that she could let a bloody pirate know it.
Gabriel may have left his seafaring days behind, but his urge to plunder was stronger than ever. Especially if it involved full, ripe lips and a warm, soft body. Unfortunately, he needed Jacquelyn's help, not her maidenhead, to learn how to behave properly toward a lady so he could marry and produce an heir. Yet Mistress Jack was the only woman he wanted, no matter what her heritage. And everyone knows what a pirate wants, a pirate takes....

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00