Naked Edge

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Naked Edge

I-Team, Book 4

Naked Edge is the fourth book in Pamela Clare’s romantic suspense I-Team Series. This is Katherine James’s story most of you who have read the series remember the introduction of Kat she is quite different than the other members of Denver Independent’s illustrious I-Team and I couldn’t wait to read her story! And it surely didn’t disappoint! Kat is half white and half Navajo and was raised by her Navajo grandmother on the reservation and because of this she lives her life by a whole different set of rules than her other reporting colleges. Kat is quiet and reserved but she’s also one heck of a reporter. She is deeply devoted in her job and she’s proud that her job in journalism has allowed her to speak out and be the voice of the Native American people and their causes and rights.

The book starts out with Kat having a very bad accident while out hiking. Luckily for Kat Gabe Rossiter a Boulder Mountain Parks Ranger was out rock climbing nearby and see’s Kat’s fall and rushes to her aid. (Note this incident was actually inspired by Ms. Clare’s own climbing accident that you would have to read about to believe. It’s a miracle that she survived just like Kat and I’m sure that is why this scene is doubly haunting and thrilling you can read more about her experience on her blog)

When Gabe reaches Kat she is in very bad shape but he quickly calls for help on his cell. He talks to her and keeps her focused and awake until help arrives.

When Kat is recovered from her accident and back at work she never thought that she would see the handsome man who saved her life but little did she know that destiny has much more in store for the both of them than either of them could have ever imagined. Kat goes to attend a sweat lodge at Mesa Butte – a site that has been sacred to her people for hundreds of years when the police suddenly show up and raid the peaceful ceremony. Gabe who was on duty at the park (and Mesa Butte is part of the park lands) responds as well when he hears about the disturbance and like Kat is outraged by the raid. This sort of ceremony was a common one and had been taking place on the Butte for as long as Gabe could remember so why suddenly are the police being called to the scene. Unfortunately this is only the beginning of the trouble… several days later Grandpa Red Crow one of the leaders in the Native American community in the area is found dead at the site, and Kat is convinced that he was murdered.

She and Gabe are both drawn deeper into the quickly dangerous spiral of events that takes place and both find that they are in mortal danger. Meanwhile they are both fighting the growing attraction between them. Gabe realizes that he is quickly falling for the courageous exotic beauty but Kat is far from a player she tells him that she doesn’t date but he is even more stunned to find out that because of her culture and the way that she was raised she is a virgin! Gabe is a ladies man and always has been so he is even more convinced that even though he is attracted to Kat that he would not be good for her. But will his heart listen as easily as his mind? Or will the people that are gunning for them silence them both before they ever have the chance to find out?

I won’t say anymore because I really don’t want to give away the secrets and great plot twists in this one. But I must say that from start to finish I was completely enthralled with this one! Note to all of you if you haven’t tried this series you are MAJORLY missing out on some very good reading not only is it hot but it’s riveting! Pamela Clare is amazing in this series she has created a world that is not only breathtaking with its passion and danger but with its deep layers about humanity and reality. I couldn’t put this one down it was absolutely a page turner. And the love story between Gabe and Kat is so beautiful and at times heart-wrenching as well. And while I absolutely loved Hard Evidence and Unlawful Contact and thought they couldn’t be topped, but this one proved me wrong! I have to say I loved this one even more!

So do yourself a favor you definitely don’t want to miss this one! And though it is part of the I-Team series it works well as a stand alone as well but believe me once you try this you are going to want to run out and get the rest of the books as well! Every one of them is on my keeper shelf and this one is going there as well! :) I'm a huge fan of Pamela Clare's and have been since I picked up the first book by her trust me if you see Pamela Clare's name on the cover I guarantee you are in for a great read! :)

Book Blurb for Naked Edge

What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink?

Someone wants the Native Americans off their sacred land. And when Navajo journalist Katherine James and park ranger Gabriel Rossiter team up to investigate why, their passion for the truth-and each other-makes them targets for those desperate enough to kill.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 5.00