More Than You Wished

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More Than You Wished

This is the story of Bria Hamilton and Lucas Kincaid. Bria is a strong-willed and scared woman whose only desire is to reclaim her family estate from the clutches of her ruthless stepfather. Not even she knew just how deep the scars of her past were until she meets Lucas, who comes to her looking for a job. He is handsome and mysterious with a past of his own - his one desire: vengeance.

The two clash from the start, and nothing seems more unlikely than what happens when the two enter into a marriage of convenience. Through their combined work, Concord begins to take on forms of its original beauty and the changes aren't only structural, but the lives of its inhabitants begin to come back to life as well. Neither expected their feelings would begin to kindle a fire that could melt the ice of the past from both their hearts. Yet a dark shadow looms over them, a secret that could tear the very threads so tentatively starting to take hold and cost them their lives.

I can't say a lot more without giving away something that will ruin some of the story for you, but this is without a doubt one of the most romantic and tender love stories I have ever come across. It is the thing every girl dreams about finding when you are young, and hope you are lucky enough to say you had when you're old. I enjoyed every page and am a slow reader, but I finished this one in no time flat. I could not put it down and when I was through it wasn't long until I wanted to read it again, which is highly unusual for me. I can't say it enough this one is not to be missed!

Book Blurb for More Than You Wished

Reclaiming her family's Carolina rice plantation from her ruthless stepfather was Bria Hamilton's only wish -- and she was taking a chance by hiring Northerner Lucas Kincaid to help her. With her own painful scars still fresh ten years after the War Between the States, Bria couldn't trust any man -- especially one as dangerously attractive as Luke -- to understand that the legacy of Concord meant everything to her. More than a warm smile or a tempting promise, and more than the sudden, yearning hope that Luke might offer the kind of happiness, she had never dared with for...

Bound to his own past as surely as Bria was bound to hers, Luke had only one reason for working at Concord -- vengeance. He couldn't afford to let his response to Bria distract him from his only change to punish the man who had caused his family so much harm -- but when Bria proposed a marriage of convenience, he couldn't deny her. Just as he couldn't deny the laughter that sweetened their moments together, the passion he longed to teach her, and the love he never meant to feel...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2007 5.00