Let the Night Begin

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Let the Night Begin

Book #4 in The Brotherhood of Blood

Olivia Gavin thought that the vampire that betrayed her and took her life was out of her life forever. But when kidnappers snatch her beloved nephew (whom she raised as her own son) and demand a betrayal in return she finds she must face the man who took her mortal life from her yet again…. Her husband.
Reign has never forgotten the woman who set his soul on fire and moved him as never before. He loved her beyond anything and wanted to keep her for all eternity by his side so he mad her his bride. He never expected that she would flee from him when he made her a vampire like himself. And Reign has longed for her and felt as if a part of him ever since. Now as suddenly as she left he finds her walking back into his life and desperate for his assistance. This time Reign doesn’t plan on letting her go again.
The sparks and fire between them still burns as brightly as it ever did can Olivia find it in her heart to forgive Reign and find happiness in his arms once more or will this bring the chance for retribution for what he did to her when he made her vampire? Can she bring herself to betray the man that she once felt of as the love of her life? And will they be able to save her nephew from the kidnappers before it’s too late?
I think Sherrilyn Kenyon is absolutely correct when she said that “Kathryn Smith never disappoints.”
I have been reading Ms. Smith’s books for years and I have yet to ever read a bad one. She always has a complex and interesting storyline and you feel for the characters right from the beginning! This story is rich in feeling and drama and yes ROMANCE the struggle between the very mixed feelings of the main characters is very interesting to behold. I couldn’t put it down. Can love overcome the past? I highly recommend you to pick up Let the Night Begin and find out! You don’t want to miss this one!

Book Blurb for Let the Night Begin

A Vampire Will Not Rest Until He Satisfi es His Hunger . . .
And what I, Reign, hungered for most of all was Olivia Gavin. I have never met a woman more beautiful, more tantalizing, and so I made her my bride. She promised me her heart and soul . . . in return, I plundered her flesh, and bound her to me for all eternity. Then, terrified of what I'd made her, she fled.
Now she has returned, desperate for my help in saving her beloved nephew. But my assistance comes at a price: She must share my bed once more, for the feel of her soft skin, the heat of her kiss, excite me still. And I know she desires me, even as she resists her own heart.
Yet, as we rediscover the passion that brought us together, an enemy waits to destroy us both . . .
My husband says I have the best job in the world. The only thing that could top being paid to do what I love is if Avon Books decided that all their authors had to be hand-fed chocolate by Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, or John Cusack. But my husband probably wouldn't think so much of my job then, so instead I'll let him feed me chocolate and go on being forever thankful that I have the best job—and husband—in the world.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50