Lessons of Desire

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Lessons of Desire

This is the second book in Madeline Hunter's series starring the dashing and devilish Rothwell Brother's. Lesson's of Desire is the story of Elliot Rothwell and he is a man with a mission. He is out to find a document that if published will sully the name of his father and bring shame on the family name. But before he could buy out the blackmailer he passes away and leaves the document with all his other possessions to his illegitimate (and equally dangerous in her own way) daughter Phaedra Blair. Elliot tracks her down and in fact puts himself in the position as her savior as he rescues her from prison after she is unjustly arrested.

He quickly sets about charming her to get close enough to find the document if she is indeed privy to its whereabouts. He doesn't mind one whit if he has to bed her in fact surprisingly to him, the intelligent beauty quickly stirs his blood and he is in danger of loosing more than just his family's reputation if he fails to acquire the memoirs . he is in emanate danger of loosing his heart as well.

For those of you that are fans of Regency romance Ms. Hunter is a master that you will not want to miss her writing is superb and she whisks you back to the times of Lords and their ladies and titles and makes you feel the passions they burn to life. This book is HOT, so have your fans ready ladies for more than just regency style and etiquette. ;)

Book Blurb for Lessons of Desire

Handsome, suave, and carnal as the devil, Lord Elliot Rothwell awaits readers in Lessons of Desire, bestselling author Madeline Hunter’s latest book in the Rothwell series and her most provocative novel to date. A man used to getting what he wants, Elliot is every woman’s most secret fantasy in the living flesh. He first appears beneath her prison window as her savior—a sinfully attractive man whose charm and connections have ensured her release from an unjust arrest. But author and publisher Phaedra Blair quickly learns that the price of her “freedom” is to be virtually bound to her irresistible rescuer. For Elliot Rothman didn’t come solely on a mission of goodwill. He came to extract a promise that Phaedra won’t publish a slanderous manuscript that could destroy his family’s name, and he’s not above bribery, threats, or bedding her to get his way. And with each erotic encounter raising the stakes between them, Elliot discovers he’s ever more reluctant to lose this sensual game…or the one woman who’s every bit his match.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.25