Lessons from a Courtesan

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Lessons from a Courtesan

Lessons from a Courtesan is a fun and passionate novel about two fiery and strong willed characters that despite a ton of adversity, secrets, and lies can not deny the passion that binds them together. But can that passion truly be enough to finally bind their hearts as one or finally break them both into pieces.

When Justin the Earl of Baybary returns to London after a long absence he is looking for a lot of diversion and hopefully a new and exciting affair. He is quickly intrigued with all the talk of the new Courtesan that has taken the ton by storm. Justin wants to meet this enchantress and find out if all the talk about her skills and beauty are fact or just tantalizing fiction. Imagine his surprise when he finally comes face to face with the infamous "Ria" only to find that the face of the said enchantress is none other than that of his estranged wife Victoria!

Victoria was so sure that as the sexy and sophisticated Courtesan "Ria" and in the circles that she was now circulating she would meet no one she knew, so imagine her utter astonishment at coming face to face with the man who married her and after one night of blinding passion abandoned her. Though she wills herself to feel nothing seeing Justin brings the feelings of that long ago night and all the years since rushing all too painfully back to the forefront. She played the role of the good and chaste wife and even learned to run his estate and do so both efficiently and profitably but the betrayal at his abandonment ran deep. Though Justin is furious and bewildered by the strange turn of events that has brought them back into each others lives he cannot deny the overwhelming passion that threatens to overtake him every time he is the same room as her. Lies and the harsh past still lie between them can the lust and passion they feel be signs of deeper feelings on both parts. Is there room for love after all these years or is their chance meeting nothing more than the embers that will start a wildfire that could consume them both?

This book was a good fun read full of desire and mystery. And if you are like me and like hot passionate reads this one will not disappoint! ;) There is definitely much more to this story than what I have mentioned above but I don't want to give away any of the book's mystery by reveling to much. Because there are many underlying and substantial circumstances at play within the lives of the main characters than I could possibly explain in a few paragraphs and neither of the main characters is exactly what they seem at the beginning of the book. But believe me that's a good thing! I found myself going back and forth between wanting to smack Justin or to see Ria fall back into his arms. Justin is not the typical romance hero he has deep flaws and I found myself feeling very sorry for Ria and all that he put her through but by the end of the story he had shown a lot of growing up and once that happened they dealt with many of the lies and secrets that were truly keeping them apart in the first place. And though neither of them can deny they can't seem to keep their hands off each other at times is that all that there is between them mere lust or is there something more underneath it all? Is the Courtesan all that she seems and is there truly a heart in the playboy Earl after all or is he nothing more than the cad who married an innocent took advantage of her and then left her? Can they find happiness or will they both at least find peace with the cards life has dealt them both? Well my friends you will just have to pick up this one and find out for yourself.

Book Blurb for Lessons from a Courtesan

Lesson #1: Every man loves a mystery. A scandalous siren called "Ria" has electrified the ton. Every gentleman in London desires her; every woman envies her. And they are all desperate to know the secrets of the tantalizing, seductively beautiful courtesan. All except Justin, the Earl of Baybary. He knows all about Ria. He learned every inch of her tender skin, every taste of her luscious lips . . . on their wedding night. Lesson #2: No man can make you lose control . . . unless you let him. Though theirs was an arranged marrige, still Victoria surrendered to passion and gave herself to Justin completely. When he left her alone the next morning, she swore she would never again let him into her bed. Now, though she has other reasons for returning to the city, she enjoys tormenting Justin, letting him see the way other men lust for her. But keeping herself from him is such exquisite torture . . . and forgiveness will lead to an ecstasy unbelievably divine. Biography Jenna Petersen's journey as an author truly began when her husband told her she was only happy when she was writing. He was right, as always. She loves history and happily-ever-afters, so writing historical romance is a perfect fit. When not writing, she enjoys reading, making fun of reality television, and spending time with her cats (who truly believe they are children). She currently lives in the Midwest, where she dodges tornados between chapters.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00