How to Dazzle a Duke

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How to Dazzle a Duke

Courtesan Series

How to Dazzle a Duke
Sophia Dalby is back and turning the ton on its ear again in this fourth installment of Claudia Dain’s wonderful courtesan series. Miss Penelope Prestwick wants a husband but not just any husband she has set her sights on a Duke and she knows the best way to get one is by soliciting the help of Sophia Dalby! After all Sophia has managed to acquire three young women three very suitable and well placed husbands in a very short period indeed! She knows Sophia can manage the same results for her and her husband of choice is the Duke of Edenham. But as Penelope starts out on her quest for her Duke, she is quick to find out that cupid and indeed Sophia might just have other plans for her future that differ from her own.
As the plans that she and Sophia are set into motion Penelope soon finds herself  being pursued by not the Duke of her choice but the mild and here to fore keeps mostly to himself Marquis of Iveston. And although Iveston is an heir apparent to the dukedom of Hyde, he and Penelope seem to be able to do nothing but continually goad each other when the other is near. They are like fire and ice together from the get go, but Penelope has instigated Iveston’s attentions in the hopes of making the very handsome Duke of Edenham jealous, at least that is how the whole thing starts out… but the more that Penelope and Iveston are together the more they seem to grow closer and the fire between them soon starts to go from mere sparks to a roaring flame that threatens to turn all of Penelope’s carefully laid plans flatly on their ear.
I have loved Claudia Dain’s courtesan series from the very first book and she does not disappoint this time either! I thoroughly enjoyed Penelope’s story and loved to see the carefully orchestrated and masterful hand of Sophia Dalby as she conducts all the characters to the perfect ending in this one as well! Sophia is such a vivacious and scandalously rich character that one would have to be simply mad to miss her adventures! Miss Dain is deucedly clever, witty and the fabulous cast of characters she has created are a delight to revisit and learn more about each time. Don’t miss this fun romp through the Ton and believe me whether or not you like regencies you are going to love this series! I can’t wait for the next one to see what Sophia comes up with next!

Book Blurb for How to Dazzle a Duke

Miss Penelope Prestwick wants a duke for a husband and clearly the dashing Duke of Edenham is the best choice. Just as Lady Dalby is clearly the best person to arrange the match. But how exactly should Penelope go about dazzling a duke? Surely a show of cleavage never hurt anyone. Perhaps a kiss or two, just to make a lasting impression. And a bit of competition usually helps move things along.

To that end, Penelope approaches the Marquis of Iveston with a request. Would he kindly appear interested in her so that the Duke of Edenham will take note of it? Alternately amused and annoyed, Lord Iveston agrees; he even places a wager on White's betting book to draw attention to the fact that he is pursuing Penelope.

Soon, it's wagers and counter wagers as all of Society tries to determine who will actually marry Penelope. Edenham she’s been hotly pursuing or Iveston she’s been hotly kissing? Who will claim the lady’s heart...all in all it’s the most entertaining—and most contested--dance to the altar Sophia has yet choreographed.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 4.50