His Dark Desires

Trevelyan Series

Juliet Bucheron is a woman whose life has been suddenly thrust into a chaos of deception and danger. Years after her husband disappeared in a scandal that rocked society and left she and her family shunned by most, an unruly evil has come to destroy all that she holds dear.

The telegram that she has received stating that you are in danger and to Trust NO One has become her waking nightmare. Amidst murder and mayhem she is surprised to find herself falling in love with an equally dark and mysterious Stephen Trevelyan a new boarder who has come to her home. Can she really trust his dark passion or will his love be her true downfall?

This book started out kind of slow but by the end I was sorry to see it end. You really get to care for the characters in Ms. Giles novel and are rooting for them all by the end of the story. A nice suspenseful read if you like the mystery novels you will love this ride of romance and deception. I would have given it a four but it did take me a little bit to get into the story but it comes in as a solid 3.5.

Book Blurb for His Dark Desires

You are in danger. Trust no one. The terrifying words from a mysterious letter echo in Juliet Bucheron's mind. Destitute ever since her husband disappeared in the Civil War, Juliet has turned her New Orleans ancestral home into a boarding house - despite the rumors of ghosts, the whispers of scandal, and the stain of murder. But even more unsettling is Juliet's new tenant, a handsome stranger named Stephen Trevelyan. Wealthy, educated, and seductively compelling, Stephen fills Juliet's heart with uncontrollable longing - and her head with suspicion. Something, she senses, is lurking beneath the surface. And someone is stalking the hallways after midnight. As the danger draws nearer, Juliet wonders if she can really trust Stephen. But as he pulls her closer, she knows she cannot resist him...no matter what the price.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 3.50