Highlander in Her Dreams

Highlander In Her, book 2

This is the second book from Allie Mackay and is the continuation in her wonderful paranormal Scottish series. I loved this one as well as I did the first one. Ms. Mackay has a wonderful combination in her writings of Scottish charm, humor and yes hot romance! And who can resist a sexy highland warrior in his kilt, sword in hand *sighs*. A truly great book that you will enjoy and find yourself laughing out loud at times with, in short this one is a keeper and I can't wait for the next one!

When Kira Bedwell travels to Scotland never in her wildest dreams did she think she would get such a REAL glimpse at the Scotland of yore. When she travels on a tour to the legendary ruins of Castle Wrath she gets an up close and personal with a true honest to God Highland laird from the fourteenth century. And what a laird he is sexy tall and drop dead gorgeous Aidan MacDonald is the man of her dreams both figurative and after that first sighting literally! When she is finally able to make it back to Scotland many years later she is hoping and praying that the fates will somehow allow her to see her dream man face to face again, the fates have something even better in mind when she is propelled back to his time unexpectedly. And while she is in heaven to finally be with the man she has dreamed and longed for so many years there is a evil as dark as hell that is threatening them both. Will their love be able to breech the vast distance of time and space or will the mysterious villains that have been trying to kill them end both of their lives before they get the chance to find out?

Book Blurb for Highlander in Her Dreams

After stepping through a magical gateway, Kira Bedwell finds herself face-to-face with Aidan MacDonald, the irresistible Scottish highlander who has visited her in dreams. Now that their romance transcends dreams to reality, they find themselves under attack by Aidan's enemies. And it will take all of their courage and will for their love to survive beyond time itself...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.50