Highland Knight

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Highland Knight

What do you get when you put a bestselling mystery author who has writers block in a remote 14th century reportedly haunted Scottish Tower? A whole lot of otherworldly FUN!
Novelist Amelia Landry just couldn’t seem to be able to get her muses to going so when her friend pulls an intervention on her and informs her she has booked a reputedly haunted 14th Century Scottish Tower in the rugged highlands for her for several months Amalie is excited and hopes that the mysterious and eerie tower will spark the words to start spinning for her again. What she gets was even more than she ever could have dreamed of…
From the minute Amelia arrives strange things start to occur and it’s not long before she realizes she and her cat Jack are not the only ones in the Tower! When she finally comes face to face with the “ghost” of the tower she is floored by this sexy towering Scotsman. Everything about him just makes her mouth water and as she gets to know more of the handsome Laird’s tale she finds her own heart in danger of being lost to this lost soul.
Laird Ethan Munro has been trapped in a world where he is neither living nor dead for centuries and has been waiting for someone to come along to release he and his fellow clansmen from their enchanted prison. From the moment he sees Amelia he senses that this may be the lass who can be the key to that very thing. What he didn’t plan on was falling for her and can their love survive when she is real and he is caught in the in betwixt? Will they find a way to free Ethan so they can be together or do the fates have other plans for them?
I have read the other two books by Cindy Miles and I couldn’t wait for this one to be released. Not only does it have the wonderful funny and romantic points of her previous books, but it also combines that with my love of the Scottish highlands. And it will leave you longing for the next one to come! (I know I am!) Her characters are rich and have a lot of depth to them without being heavy and foreboding like you get with a lot of paranormals I find her books very refreshing and different and I mean that in the best possible way! The supporting cast is just outstanding I would love to see some of these characters return for future books I mean who wouldn’t like to see more sexy well built Scottish Knights??? So for some high-spirited Scottish paranormal fun pick up Highland Knights you won’t be disappointed!

Book Blurb for Highland Knight

Bestselling mystery novelist Amelia Landry journeys to the Scottish Highlands to stay in a remote 14th-century tower, hoping to re-awaken her imagination. She finds the inspiration she seeks in the ghostly form of Laird Ethan Munro—who has spent six centuries trying to discover why he is neither alive nor dead.

Ethan senses that Amelia may be the one he has been waiting for. Only she can uncover the truth behind the curse and free his heart...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.50