Forbidden Fantasy

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Forbidden Fantasy

This is a continuation from one of Holt's earlier novels Complete Abandon. In Forbidden Fantasy we pick up with Ian Clayton the handsome Scottish brother of John Clayton from Abandon. Ian has long lusted after Lady Caroline Foster but alas his Scottish blood and the fact that he is a bastard son have made it impossible for him "in society's" stiff opinion to be of the station to be worthy of her and her lofty family. Haunted by guilt of the past Ian spends his time deep in drink, gambling and women trying to fill the empty place in his life and his heart.

Lady Caroline is a woman in turmoil not only is she the constantly harassed by gossip that she is cold and sure to be an old maid (because of gossip of the reason she was over thrown by her fianc‚ John Clayton for peasant woman) but she is now faced with the fact that her horrid and uncaring parents are dead set on her marrying a man they have chosen for her, who is old enough to be her grandfather. And oh if that was only the worst of it. Poor Caroline is a woman in desperate need of a saviour and she seeks out that salvation by seeking out the one man who has ever truly stirred her body and soul . Ian Clayton.

This was a very enjoyable read Holt is an excellent author of that there is no doubt. I have many of her novels on my own bookshelf that are keepers. This one is great as well but I would have gave it a bit of a higher rating had there been a little more passion in the love scenes they seemed a bit rushed and clipped in this one more so than many of her previous books, I would have liked to see a little more romance and not just quick encounters scattered throughout. And Caroline's mother is a witch of major proportions have mercy she just had me cringing many times. But this is still a solid good read and the characters are very intriguing including some very memorable supporting characters who I hope to see more of in their own book possibly sometime. So if you're a Holt fan you will definitely be wanting to see more of the Clayton family in the future.

Book Blurb for Forbidden Fantasy

From girlhood, Lady Caroline Foster knew what her future held: marriage to an esteemed viscount, followed by a dignified high-society life. A sedate existence perhaps, but certainly preferable to her current state-jilted, humiliated, and then hastily bartered off to a man old enough to be her grandfather. Dreading the marriage, Caroline seeks advice from her ex-fianc‚'s illegitimate brother, whose potent sexuality has always intrigued her.

Ian Clayton can scarcely believe that the woman he's coveted from afar is boldly seeking sexual instruction. A true gentleman would turn her away, but the yearning he feels for Caroline surpasses anything he's ever known. Soon their encounters become more heated, more daring.and more dangerous. For someone will stop at nothing to end their illicit affair-and destroy a fantasy that is coming blissfully, brazenly to life.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.50