Fair Game

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Fair Game

Book 3 In The Fortune Hunters

Josie Tybrook has fought and worked for everything in her life. Even though she was born into a wealthy family and her father and mother sit on the board at Castle Heaving Mining she has worked hard and clawed her way up the ladder to be where she is. Nothing is more important in her life than career and she intends to work her way up to the very top! She doesn’t need a man she has her special “buddies” that she calls on when she gets an itch and that has always been enough for her… until she meets Kyle Perry on her latest assignment and more than sparks begin to fly!
Kyle Perry knows that mixing business with pleasure isn’t the best of ideas but he can’t help himself from the moment sexy Josie Tybrook walked into his life and they met on that fateful elevator ride. She has been all that he can think about, and he knows he has to have her. Josie is more than interested in handsome sexy Kyle but she doesn’t want to risk her position and compromise her career for sex… but the more she gets to know Kyle the more they find that their naughty games are becoming harder and harder for either of them to resist...
Jasmine Haynes is raising the bar on erotic romance each book in this series has gotten a little bit hotter than the first! I really enjoyed the first book in this series and the second was good as well. (It was great to see some of them again returning as supporting characters in this one as well so if you enjoyed the first to books you can see your faves return in this one). Fair game is a great read but I do feel that I should say that while it was a good and interesting read this is not one for every romance reader. There are some instances and scenes that could very well put off some readers. This isn’t your mother’s romance novel… One scene had me a little uncomfortable when they visit a sex club together. So if it was not for that I would have rated this one much higher. Ms. Haynes is a great writer and she sure knows how to pour on the heat. But again I would caution if you don’t like your books UBBER hot you might want to skip this one because it sizzles off the page! If you like your heroes and heroines naughty and frisky and downright scorching definitely give her a try!

Book Blurb for Fair Game

Fair Game, the book that’s so hot Berkley had to publish it in the HEAT line. Coming June 2009!

Josie Tybrook doesn’t need a man—unless it’s for a night of no-strings-attached sex. And Kyle Perry is perfect for that. Except that Josie soon finds they have a professional tie that will bring them together again. And again.

Now, Josie and Kyle engage in a battle of wills in business and in pleasure. What begins as a hot diversion of domination turns into an intimate game, where the role of slave and master shifts with each erotic move. But as the games escalate, they find themselves becoming bound by something stronger than they ever imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.25