Desiring the Highlander

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Desiring the Highlander

3rd in the Highlander Series

Desiring the Highlander is the third book in Michele Sinclair’s Highlander’s series. I have to say this is the first book that I have read by Ms. Sinclair but it will definitely not be the last! (And I hasten to add that although it was the third in the series I didn’t have any problem at all following the story line at all. The only problem is now I’m dying to get my hands on the first two as well LOL.)

We travel back to the 1300’s Scotland where Cole McTiernay is a man who is not only haunted by his past but bound by it as well. Since the day the English killed his best friend Cole has vowed that he will avenge his death and his hatred of all things English runs as deep as the marrow in his bones. So when his brother and Laird ask him to go to England to fetch an important parcel for his wife it’s the very last thing that Cole wants to do. But being the ever dutiful and honorable man that he is he sets out to play courier. But oh what a surprise Cole has in store for him. Imagine Cole’s surprise to find out the “parcel” he has gone to get is indeed not a thing but a very “English” woman! He doesn’t know what to make of the wild hellcat that is Ellenor Howell she tries to appear to be mad to all those around her but Cole knows from the very first that it is nothing but a clever rouse. But what could she be hiding behind this elaborate mask that she wears to keep others away?

As much as Cole loathes all things English he is drawn to this enigmatic beauty more and more with every passing hour. Could it be that the one thing that personifies his greatest enemy could be the thing that he has needed all along? Could the budding feelings between he and Ellenor be the very thing that could free both of them from the demons of their past, and be the road to true love and happiness for them both? Believe me you need to get this one and find out you won’t be sorry!

Michele Sinclair has created a brilliant portrayal of the Scotland of yesteryear and two unforgettable characters that you fall in love with from the start. Cole and Ellenor’s story had me riveted to the pages I literally I couldn’t put it down. Her writing was deep and stirring and I could practically see the characters throughout the entire story in my minds eye that is something that you can’t do to often and it’s always wonderful to find one like this! (Just a personal note but I kept seeing Tom Welling and Erica Durance as the main characters in this one. I think it was because the hunk on the cover looked a lot like Tom to me and it just went on from there! LOL) But all of her characters even the secondary characters were so well formed, stark, and real and full of emotion that I devoured this one and loved every minute of it! The romance and passion between the two is so heart touching and sometimes wrenching as well that you can’t help but fall in love right along with them. As I said this may have been the first book I’ve read by Ms. Sinclair but will not be the last! She is now on my list automatic to read authors. Give it a try and I bet she will be on yours too! :) Now the only reason I didn't give this one a straight 5 stars is that I did feel that the language could have been a little more Scottish sounding in the reading of it at times. But other than that the story was excellent and everything was perfect. It could just be that I've gotten use to reading "hearing" the Scottish tongue in Diana Gabaldon's books that I felt that way, (Jamie's and the other Highlanders have a very deep brogue) but either way its a fabulous read!

Book Blurb for Desiring the Highlander

Set in the early 14th century Scottish Highlands, it is the story of the third McTiernay brother, Cole, who saves Ellenor Howell, an Englishwoman haunted by a horrible mistake, from a lonely life, only to realize it is she who needs to rescue him.

Ellenor Howell’s perfect world unraveled in one terrifying night and she vows to piece together a new future, one that is safe and far from the reach of any man. Attempts to marry her off have failed and she is weeks away from fleeing England and her nightmares, when a hulking giant arrives, determined to take her to his brother’s home. With each ploy she devises to escape her captor, the infuriating Highlander is one step ahead, and her desire to leave the safety of his arms wanes. For inexplicably, whenever the man is around, her fear of being touched disappears and she remembers what is like to be wild and carefree. She wants her freedom, but with each minute that passes in the scowling Highlander’s presence, Ellenor begins to realize that what she really wants is the one thing she can’t have…his heart.

Cole has good reason to despise Ellenor Howell. She is not only English and someone he is honor bound to hate, but she is proud of it. She is also aggravating, stubborn, and enjoys challenging everything he says or does. It should have made it simple for him to stay away. Instead, he finds himself drawn to her, as she continually understands him in ways no one else does. But as he helps free her from the memories of her past, his desire for the tawny-haired beauty grows, and he rediscovers pieces of his soul he thought forever dead. As their time together draws to an end, he must make a choice…forsake a solemn promise he made long ago committing him to a solitary life, or make a new one to his sworn enemy who has the power to open his heart and heal his wounds with love.


Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75