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This is the first book that I have ever read by Louisa Trent but I have to say this is one of the better Erotica novels I have picked up in a long time. (Although it does contain some content that may offend some readers. I.E. Bondage and anal sex.) This is a book that while it does have many emotional twists and turns and moral complications for the characters (you will see what I mean if you read a bit further) it has enough romance in it that you can't help but root for them.

These are not the typical romance characters .Sebastian Turner was born on the wrong side of the blanket and his thirst for revenge on the man (Michael Winslow) that he holds responsible for his mother's death has been a driving force in his life since his teens. Through much toil and backbreaking labor Seb manages to build his wealth and sets out to bring down the Winslow name. After purchasing all of Winslow's debts and all his possessions including his home and his daughter. When he decides the final blow should be to ruin Winslow's daughter he could not have guessed that when he actually meets the girl face to face for the first time since she was a mere babe that all of his carefully laid plans would go right down out the window. Sarah Winslow is a prim and proper young lady in every sense of the word. Humiliated and down trodden with poverty forced by her father's philandering ways and his illness, she now finds herself penniless and is duped into the position of a glorified whore or as she tried to soften the distasteful title deems herself a "Courtesan".

When Seb seemingly comes to her rescue she is strangely attracted to this uncouth and rugged man who is "certainly no gentleman". But neither of them can deny the passion that ignites between them from the very beginning. But what will happen when Sarah learns that Seb is actually the one responsible for she and her family's downfall?

While this book did have a few minor problems - some editing errors that weren't fixed before they went to print. And in a few places the wording the author chose seemed a little off to me and made some of the scenes seem a little awkward. But for the most part this was a very erotic and enjoyable read. I think anyone that likes erotic novels will really enjoy this twisting tale of passion and betrayal.

Book Blurb for Courtesan

Genre: BSDM; historical

Length: Novel

New York 1883

With her deceased father's creditors pounding at the door, starvation imminent, and nothing left to lose, eighteen-year old Sarah Winslow signs a note to excuse her indebtedness. Little does she suspect that she's just sold herself into an exclusive brothel, her ruination orchestrated by Sebastian Turner, a wealthy gentleman who has bought and paid for her virginal innocence for reasons all his own.

For eighteen long years, Seb has methodically plotted to destroy the Winslow name. And he succeeds. He now owns all of Michael Winslow's possessions, including his lovely daughter, Sarah. Seb has everything he ever wanted.

Only now that he does, it's not enough. He wants more...from Sarah. His needs know no bounds but those of pleasure--a rawhide lasso and gold bondage bracelets--when it comes to the prim and proper lady he has made his Courtesan.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.25