Bride of the Beast

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Bride of the Beast

Review: First let me ask do you love Scotland? Do you love romance if so I urge you to pick up any of Sue Ellen Welfonder's books they whisk you away to a world of dashing and handsome men in kilts (what hot blooded real woman could resist that!) She is one of the chosen few that can literally make you feel as if you are there and part of the story.

Sassenach Knight Sir Marmaduke Strongbow is talked into championing Lady Caterine Keith by Catrine's sister the feisty and beautiful Linnet (if you have read her wonderful novel Devil in a kilt you are already familiar with Linnet and her handsome husband Duncan and you will see more of their story in this one too!) Where was I oh yes Linnet enlists Marmadukes help in saving her sister from the clutches of a dastardly English Lord who is trying to force marriage and siege to her lands upon Caterine. After hearing of the poor ladies plight Marmaduke readily accepts and sets off to Dunlaird Castle to rescue not only Caterine's keep but her heart as well.

Now Caterine is less than happy to see Marmaduke especially when she finds out he is an English Knight. Caterine was horribly misused in the past by several English knights who then killed her husband and the memories of that never leave her. Slowly Marmaduke's kindness, chivalry, and dashing self begins to chip away at Caterine's troubles and the icy edges of her heart. But can they find true love or will the ghosts of both their pasts be their ultimate undoing.

As I said a truly great read and one that will make your heart soar!

Book Blurb for Bride of the Beast

Twice wed and twice widowed, Lady Caterine Keith has no need for a champion. She can fend off unwanted suitors on her own and guard her Scottish stronghold without the help of any man. But her sister, knowing better, sends a make-believe husband-a knight with a battle-scarred face almost too frightening to behold. Sir Marmaduke Strongbow has a secret ambition. He wants not Caterine's land but her hand in marriage and her heart to own. With tantalizing caresses, he will show her how a real champion lays siege...and how love is impossible to fight.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.50