Bond of Fire

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Bond of Fire

A Novel of Texas Vampires

This is the second book in the Texas Vampire Series. Ms. Whiteside has improved I think with this sophomore novel I found I enjoyed it more than I did the first book Bond of Blood. I could follow this one much easier than the first one for some reason. Though like I stated with the first novel you need to have that glossary of words handy, because you are going to need them to follow the story well at times. That is a major part as to why the score isn't higher because you do have to go back and forth between the glossary and the reading at times so it took away from it a bit for me at least , though not as much in this one as in the first book.

This book follows Jean-Marie St. Just and H‚lŠne d'Agelet through the decades, they share a love that is both passionate and timeless but circumstances and their individual duties have always seemed to pull them apart.

After all the lonely years of longing they have once again been pulled together. But this time circumstances are at it once again to cause the lovers trouble and in a big way, chiefly the fact that Jean-Marie is out to kill Madame Celeste the Queen of Vampires in New Orleans who happens to be Helene's sister. Will blood be more important than love or can Helene and Jean finally overcome the odds and be together at last.

Sexy and very well written I liked this one and it's strong characters. Loved the historical flashbacks and the storyline as it wove past with present and the angst that they characters had to work through. A good read!

Book Blurb for Bond of Fire

Ever since they met centuries ago, vampires Jean-Marie St. Just and Hélène d'Agelet have loved each other. But their passion has always been thwarted by the demands of duty. Today, Jean-Marie has been enlisted to kill Hélène's sister, Madame Celeste-the evil vampire Queen of New Orleans. For Hélène, that means choosing between the love of her life or her own flesh and blood. Biography Diane Whiteside designs and builds computer systems for the federal government when she isn't writing.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.00