Beneath the Skin

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Beneath the Skin

The Darkwing Chronicles, Book Three

First of all let me say that I have absolutely loved the first two books in this series Savannah Russe has done a wonderful job on this series however, with this third book in the Darkwing Chronicles I personally felt that this one fell far short of the other two books in the series.

While the feisty and sexy vampire heroine Daphne is back and as good as ever the plot was deeply mixed with political views (in several parts that seemed like all this book was about) and then a very main part of the plot was left hanging in the end with no closer I felt. When the book actually ended I was very surprised and going what happened??? Several more mysteries were opened up but never really flushed out as well. So.while we do get deeper under some of the very interesting main characters skins - her southern best friend Benny, sexy and sweet Fitz, and the rogue Darius, Cormac and the enigmatic J (again all wonderful Characters) in the end I really was disappointed with the major plot aspects of this one.

So if you are a lover of this series as I am by all means it's still a good book, just don't go into it like I did expecting it to be like the first two. Or you may end up like I was feeling a bit disappointed in the end. I hope the fourth one will be a little more on track with Books one and two and have much more follow through with the plot.

Book Blurb for Beneath the Skin

No one can tell that Daphne Urban is a vampire. But the government knows-and she's been recruited to spy for them. To get over a recent break-up, Daphne must throw herself into her work, joining her colleagues to chase down a ruthless enemy. Mysterious, cruel, and unstoppable, this assassin is dead-set on killing a certain presidential candidate. Now Team Darkwing has to find him before it's too late. But soon, Daphne finds herself drawn back into the life she once rejected: a secret vampire underworld, where all pleasures-like human blood-can be found.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 3.00