Awaiting the Fire

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Awaiting the Fire

Awaiting the fire is the third book in Donna Lea Simpson's Werewolf series. Now I must say starting out that I hadn't read the other two before this. So, that being said this book really needs to be read in order. Because this book needs to be read in order I was a bit hard to get into. I needed more background that was probably in the other books. But if you like regency style romance with a more gothic and howling twist to it I think this would be a great book for you.

The Von Wolfram family has long been a family different from others. The Von Wolfram's are werewolves. Charlotte has traveled from their native Germany to the lavish halls of England to meet her fianc‚ the Earl of Wesmorlyn. Now to all outward appearances it should have been an ideal match but the sparks really fly from the start once Charlotte meets the stern Wesmorlyn for the first time. And it doesn't help that a dashing and devilishly handsome Lyulph Randell makes things even more interesting, because he too is a werewolf there is an instant attraction and pull to him. Who will end up stealing Charlotte's heart will it be the Earl whom she was promised too or will the temptation of Lyulph and his wolf side be the one to make off with her heart?

Now I'm not a huge regency fan so that could be why I didn't identify with this one as much as I might have had it been set in another place but for anyone that likes a good historical romance set in that time period this one has a great twist to it and you will probably be howling for more.

Book Blurb for Awaiting the Fire

A breathtaking werewolf historical romance about a man and woman as different as air and earth-who nevertheless form an elemental connection.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 3.00