A Season of Seduction

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A Season of Seduction

Jennifer Haymore’s A Season of Seduction is book three in her series surrounding the Duke of Calton and his very eclectic family. Now although this is the third book in the series I want to make sure that I say I had not read the other books before it…and I still had no trouble at all following the storyline. Nor did it detract from it at all - which is always a major plus. (It did however wet my appetite for the previous books. I have to find out what happened in them! And now I must go and get the other books in this fabulous series! Want to know why read on…)

Lady Rebecca Fisk has been very unlucky in love indeed. She is lonely and longs to feel the passion again. But being a widow and her first husband being a scoundrel of epic proportions - she has decided that the best way for her to get on with her life is to take a lover secretly and remain safely single! But even the best laid plans can go hopelessly awry in life …

Enter the very handsome and adventurous Jack Fulton. He seems the perfect choice for a liaison as he is everything that any woman could possibly want – well traveled, charming, gorgeous, and most importantly as uninterested in marriage as she is! Or so he seemed…

There is much more to Jack Fulton than what meets the eye. In fact Jack isn’t interested in just an affair with the beautiful Lady Rebecca, he wants her to be his wife! Jack has a dark secret that he is hiding and if he doesn’t convince Rebecca to marry him before Christmas that secret could very well cost him his life.

Jack liked Rebecca from the start but with each new encounter he finds himself falling more deeply in love with her. What started out to be a match because of necessity has now turned into much, much more. Rebecca is the very thing that he wants the most in the world, and he will fight all obstacles to make sure that she remains his. But Jack is walking a very precarious tight rope- he cannot let Rebecca find out the truth behind his deception and his secret or he knows that everything will be over between them. And Jack is bound and determined that he will not let that happen.

Now I don’t want to risk giving anything away so I’m going to leave it there and if you want to find more out you will have to pick up a copy of this fantastic book. I completely enjoyed this one and as I said before it has made me rush out to buy the previous books in the series. Ms. Haymore has penned a fabulous story of seduction, romance, intrigue and betrayal and above all that – love. You don’t want to miss it! I’m now a big fan of this new author and she is going on my automatic to buy list! I love her writing style and the complex plots that she has weaved so beautifully together. Believe me some of them are very complex but thoroughly enjoyable. The characters are amazing and the story will tug at your heartstrings, believe me. So if you love a great read, do go and get this series…you will be glad that you did!

Book Blurb for A Season of Seduction

Although the widowed Lady Rebecca has sworn off marriage, men are another matter. London's cold winter nights have her dreaming of warmer pursuits-like finding a lover to satisfy her hungry heart. Someone handsome, discreet, and most importantly as uninterested in marriage as she is. Someone like Jack Fulton.

A known adventurer and playboy, Jack seems like the perfect choice. There's just one problem: Jack isn't interested in an affair. He needs the beautiful, mysterious Lady Rebecca to be his wife. And he doesn't have much time to persuade her. A secret from Jack's past is about to surface, and by Christmas Day he'll be either married to Rebecca or dead.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.75