A Reason to Sin

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A Reason to Sin

This is the third and final book in the Forrester Brothers Trilogy (though it can stand alone as well, I highly recommend the other two books also.) This is not your everyday Historical Romance and I mean that in the best possible way. It's 1868 and Rebecca Colfax is in a mess of trouble. She had always lived the privileged life with her parents in St. Louis but now that they are both gone and her husband has up and left her, after gambling away every penny she had. Now she finds herself and their son in dire straights, so much so that she is forced to put her beloved baby into an orphanage until she can make enough money and find her wayward husband. She is sure that once he knows he has a son that he will do the right thing by them both. Her search for him takes her to the rustic Kansas town of Oaktree where she is forced to find employment before she can continue her search. Unfortunately no one will hire her accept the owner of a Saloon called the Scarlet Garter. Rebecca was raised as a well to do lady and she never thought she would be forced to ever enter such an establishment let alone work in one!

Slater Forrester has never had an easy life, but things were at least settling down for him since his friend and mentor had taken him on as a dealer in his Saloon. At the Scarlet Garter Forrester plays poker and is trying to put the demons of his past behind him. He is caught completely off guard by his attraction to the new girl that his friend Andrew has hired. While she is working in this "fallen" life he can tell right away that she is completely different than any other bar maid he has ever seen.

Unfortunately for them both things are about to get really ugly. When a ring of extortionists instill an "insurance" racket in the small town everyone in which business owners must pay up or "pay the price." That prices comes turns out to be high indeed as the thugs stoop to every dirty trick in the book from breaking up saloons, to arson and even murder.

Meanwhile the attraction between Slater and Rebecca grows to a fever pitch. But can she tell him that she's a married woman with a child? Though she never thought she would find herself in a place like this she cannot deny that Slater is the kind of man that she wished her husband had been. What can she do?

Can Rebecca find her husband and will he come back with her to save their family? Or could the growing desire between she and Forrester be the thing that could save both of their hearts? And what of her child for even though she longs to follow her heart she loves her son above all and can there be a way to get him back that could be best for them all? I highly recommend this fresh and exciting and very touching too I might add romance. It's got great characters that will reach out and grab your heart as well as very authentic feeling settings and banter. I loved the supporting cast in this one and the fact that a privileged miss is forced to take a look at people and circumstances from a completely different view only to find that people that she thought were beneath her and her station are actually more like her than she ever would have believed possible. This is one not to be missed if you love the old west and the times when men were men and the difference between life and death was one bullet away.

Book Blurb for A Reason to Sin

A former well-to-do young woman winds up alone, homeless, and desperate to get her son back. Little does she know that she'll encounter a man destined to change the course of her life.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50