A Highlander's Temptation

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A Highlander's Temptation

For those of you who have enjoyed Sue Ellen Welfonder’s wonderful highlanders in the past you are really going to enjoy this one…it’s Arabella’s story!!! I have been waiting for this one as she has always been my personal favorite of Linnet and Duncan’s daughters, and it was well worth the wait let me tell you!
Arabella MacKenzie would seem to many to lead a very charmed life indeed! She is the eldest daughter of the Black Stag of Kintail, Duncan MacKenzie! And as such she has lived with her ever need and want (well for the most part) met from the time she entered the world. But all is not what it seems especially now that her younger sister Gelis is blissfully married and with a bairn of her own on the way, Arabella is feeling very lonely and the longing that she has been feeling for starting a family of her own has become more than she can stand! - Especially when every suitor that has made an offer for her hand thus far has been run off by her loving yet domineering and very well respected and might I add much feared father. So she has set her sights on making a journey to the mystical and fabled Seal Isles to make an offering and prayers at not only the cave of St. Egbert but also at the pagan “Giving Stone” to implore both the Christian God and the Auld ones to send her true love to her at last.
Her journey to the Seal Isles however is cut devastatingly short by the dreaded Black Vikings when they attack and sink the merchant cog that she is sailing on. Arabella narrowly escapes a watery grave that claims the lives of the others, but does fate have something special in store by this tragedy? Could this nightmare be the thing that finally brings her into the arms of her long desired love?

Darroc MacConacher can hardly believe his eyes when the bonnie raven haired beauty is rescued by him and his men, after the wreckage of a foundered ship washes up on the shores of MacConacher’s Isle. From the moment he pulls her from the waters he knows his heart and his life will never be the same after one look into those deep sapphire eyes. The lady is fair to the eye indeed but more than that she is kind and has a brave heart the likes of which Darroc has never seen before in any woman. But when he learns that she is a MacKenzie his soul is tormented and wrenched in despair… for the MacConachers and the MacKenzies have long been enemies and it has been Darroc’s life long goal to defeat the dreaded MacKenzies and see the MacConacher’s honor and name restored. However he can’t seem to get his heart to listen! And he can’t see Arabella as anything but desirable in every way….
Has fate brought him the one woman that he feels he can truly love only to be so cruel as to make her his clan’s worst enemy’s daughter? Can the budding feelings between Darroc and Arabella overshadow the years of war and bad blood that has passed between their two clans? Or is their love fated to be doomed before it can truly begin? Or can some otherworldly help nudge them in the right direction and into each other’s arms at last?
This is a wonderful story of a love that wasn’t meant to be, or is it? You will fall in love with Darroc and Arabella! I know I did. Sue Ellen Welfonder has crafted a beautiful lyrical love story between these two. The decks are so stacked against them and you find yourself really wondering how they can surmount all the odds that seem desperate to keep them apart. I loved the passion that burns between the two lovers and you get to revisit many favorites from past novels… Duncan (he’s back and at his blustering best lol), Sir Marmaduke, Linnet and Devorgilla, and there are many new and equally memorable characters that you meet in this one as well at Castle Bane I loved Connell, Darroc’s kind hearted and brave cousin- I do hope we see him return in the future! As always Sue Ellen’s love and passion for her beloved Scotland shines through on every page, and you feel like you are immersed in the breathtaking scenery of the Hebridean Isles as you read along. So if you love Sue Ellen’s stories or if you just love a good Scottish love story you want to be sure not to miss out on this one!

Book Blurb for A Highlander's Temptation

Darroc MacConacher spends sleepless nights dreaming of a raven-haired beauty who makes him ache with desire. Then his dream comes true: the lady with her lush curves and fair skin appears shipwrecked on his shores. Darroc is immediately drawn to her strength and beauty, and from the moment she lays eyes on this powerful, broad-shouldered warrior, Lady Arabella MacKenzie knows she'll never want another man.
But theirs is a forbidden love. The MacKenzies drove the MacConachers from their lands and destroyed their honor. Now, Darroc can use this sapphire-eyed seductress to shatter his foes. Yet how can he deny the passion that burns between him and Arabella, and ruin the one woman who touches his very soul?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50