A Christmas Ball

You are cordially invited to Lord and Lady Hartwell’s festive “Christmas Ball” by Best selling author Jennifer Ashley, Emily Bryan, and Alissa Johnson. This ball is sure to be the toast of the Ton as all of the main characters (some of whom are not who they seem and didn’t have an invite) are sure to excite and titillate with their unique and sensuous escapades! And believe me when I tell you that you will be most glad that they did!
The book starts off with Emily Bryan’s “My Lady Below Stairs”. It’s the story of Jane Tate the bastard daughter of Lord Somerville but as such she has not had the charmed life of his other daughter Lady Sybil, but has lived the life of a lowly scullery maid. But fate has come to right many wrongs this Christmas as Jane finds herself pulled into the role of imitating her Lady sister (Jane and Sybil have always looked very similar and with the right clothing and manners she’s a dead ringer) when Sybil unceremoniously runs off with a painter on the eve of her betrothal to Lord Eddleton. But Jane’s real love interest is the stable hand Ian Michael MacGregor. He will not stand idly by and watch Jane be horns-waggled into the elaborate plot that might very well take her from his arms forever. Will Jane finally find herself living in the role of Lady Somerville or will she be found out for the serving maid she truly is. And who will she end up with Ian or Lord Eddleton believe me you won’t want to miss the answer!
Jennifer Ashley’s “The Longest Night” is a continuation of her Nvengaria series. And for those of you have enjoyed the others books you don’t want to miss this wonderful addition! You will see some of the characters returning from Highlander Ever After. This is Mary and Valentin’s story. Mary Cameron has not forgotten the handsome Shapeshifter who stole her heart as she nursed him back to health at her brother’s Castle when Valentin (who was acting as the body guard for her brother’s wife) was shot and left for dead.  But with so many miles separating them and no letter from him after his return home she wondered if any of the feelings that were stirred in her heart were really true or just a distraction for an injured man far from home. Now Valentin has returned to England on a mission from Grand Duke Alexander (The Mad, Bad Duke) and he is determined not only to accomplish that mission but also to seek out and win back Mary! Will Mary and Valenin find their happily ever after or will they find the deck too stacked against them in this game of the heart?
Alissa Johnson’s “Traditions” Finds an Earl who has a plan! William Renwick the Earl of Casselbury has always been known as levelheaded and organized to a fault. Therefore when he sets his mind to doing his duty and getting down to finding a wife to produce an heir for his title he knows exactly whom he wants and he means to get her! He wants a woman who is gentle, soft of speech and with an open and big heart. He is sure that that woman is none other but Miss Caroline Meldrin. Little did he know that his soul match might just be not Caroline but her very severe and proper friend Patience Byerly. But surely he couldn’t be that far off in his calculations where Caroline is all light and airy, where Patience with her dark hair pulled back into a severe bun and her spectacles perched on her prim little nose seems to opposite of what he’s looking for. But as events begin to unfold Patience and William both start to understand that when love comes calling sometimes appearances can be more than deceiving and what one isn’t looking for is exactly what one needs.
I thoroughly enjoyed each of these wonderful Regency romances stories. Each author has penned a wonderful romantic tale that you will find yourself wishing were longer, as each could have very well satisfied as its own book. Which means that each of these fine authors have more than done their job in this fantastic anthology. So why not make it Christmas early this year and get this great read!

Book Blurb for A Christmas Ball


It is the most anticipated event of the ton: the annual holiday ball at Hartwell House. The music is elegant, the food exquisite, and the guest list absolutely exclusive. Some come looking for love. Some will do almost anything to avoid it. But everyone wants to be there. No matter what their desires, amid the swirling gowns and soft glow of candlelight, magic tends to happen. And one dance, one kiss, one night can shape a new destiny….  

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.25