Damian and Demetrios

Slaves to Love, #2

This is a hot read, pun intended. The story of these lovers takes place during The Great Fire of Rome, during which Nero reigned. However, Damian and Demetrios take hold of the story so fast that one of the biggest tragedies in history is a mere backdrop to the love shared by two men, a young artist nobleman and a slave gladiator.

Damian reluctantly takes his impulsive sister to the games, which she loves and he tolerates. That is until he sees Demetrios for the first time on the sands fighting for his life. Young Damian falls hard for his first love and Demetrios cannot believe his luck to find the innocent young man who fills him with passion in the hellhole of the arena.

Damian cannot resist the urge to sculpt the gladiator, but then Rome burns down around them. Their love is tested over and over as one after another horrible events happen around them. Together they are strong and will survive, both have sworn this to themselves and to each other.

Truly they are slaves to their love. While this is the second in the Slaves to Love series, this one is a stand-alone and awesome read. Their love endures all.

Book Blurb for Damian and Demetrios

When Damian, a young artist, is commissioned to sculpt the image of Demetrios, Rome's current darling of the arena, he finds himself falling in love with the handsome gladiator. Despite his father's vow to disown him, Damian follows his heart---and when he and Demetrios are caught in the conflagration that threatens to destroy Rome, their love for one another gives them the strength to survive the flames.But their future together looks uncertain when Damian, rounded up along with Christians accused of setting the fire, is separated from Demetrios and forced into a fight to the death in the arena.

This is a re-issue.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.25